Spamming VictimIf your website has been a victim of scammer’s techniques and you have been penalized by search engines for it, here are some strategies to get yourself re-listed on search results. Having your site removed from major search engines like Google can be devastating for your traffic, but it might be helpful for your site itself as it gives you an opportunity to look over the site, see where you need to make changes, and give an overall “facelift” to your pages. Remember that search engines do not read Flash so if your site uses animations be sure to add plenty of tags and relevant content so a search engines spiders will know what your site is about. Ensure your server is working properly too as your site won’t attract anyone with technical problems.

Some files such as robots.txt folders will actually inhibit and discourage the spiders you are trying to attract so deleting them is advantageous. Once you have revisited and revamped your site, you can send a re-inclusion request to the search engine that blocked you. Don’t expect an answer right away. Search engines often update their results in a scheduled fashion so it may be as long as a month before you see your site listed again. One of the biggest characteristics you should strive for on your website is useful, relevant content. “Currently, the [search] engines are emphasizing relevancy. Algorithms seem to favor relevant content, relevant title and description tags, and a relevant linking strategy.” Content that is helpful, informative, and properly tagged will really help you score big with search engines.