Web Marketing Tips and IdeasSometimes coming up with new ideas for web marketing campaigns can seem like a major challenge. However there are a few tested categories that are always newsworthy. Here are some ideas for advertising and how you can use them on your site.

Keep a close eye on what going on. For instance, “If you see something on the Today Show that touches on your area of expertise, send a quick news release to the NBC affiliate in your town and offer them a ‘local angle’ on the story.” Local news usually gets put on the internet and there it becomes international news. Having an article from your local paper on your website can give you more credibility and make you appear more real to your customers. Another topic that is always popular is children and animals. If appropriate, try and incorporate children and animals into your website. Whether they become part of the graphics marketing your product or you have a separate area of your site “just for kids” to teach them about your industry or product, children and animals are an easy, feel-good way to attract visitors.

“The paper out of which the world’s longest flying paper airplane was made”; did that grab your attention? Milestones and record breaking accomplishments are interesting because they describe the limits of human ability or special events we wish to remember. As the famous De Beers commercial so aptly stated, “A diamond is forever.” In 2000 Advertising Age magazine named that line the “best advertising slogan of the twentieth century.

Polls, surveys, and contests are attractive to people because everyone likes to give their opinion on things and see what others think. Even a simple poll can become a huge marketing campaign if people like it. Consider the McDonald’s ad that had people naming off as fast as they could, “two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.” Have you counted all the quiz applications on social networking sites like Facebook? From “which Disney princess are you?” to “what color crayon are you?” these are subtle and effective ways to advertise your brand. Do not be afraid to try different things as the web marketing has lots to do with trial and error. Test it and see how well your audience responds and make adjustments accordingly.