In this article, I’m going to show you how to rank a youtube video for beginners.
In fact, I’m about to reveal the top 7 steps to get the best results to rank your youtube videos.
By now I’m sure you understand the importance of creating videos for your business,
but what are the exact steps you need to take to optimize your video so it will rank in Google and Youtube?
So let’s dive into the top 7 things you need to do to optimize your channel even if you are a beginner….
  1. Rename your video using your target keyword
Just like you would optimize an article on your blog or web page, you need to identify a keyword that you want to target for your specific video.
And the first place you need to put that keyword is as the actual name of the file.
So for example, if the keyword I wanted to target was “How to rank a youtube video for beginners” — then you would name the actual “.mp4” file the same exact name.
The next step is to…
  1. Insert Your Keyword Into Your Title (and you want to do it  so it reads as naturally as possible)
This will help tell Youtube what your video is about and also will catch the eye of the person doing the search query… usually, the closer the name matches his search, the better.
because the chances are more likely that they will click on your video, but It doesn’t always have to match exactly, it just should be relevant to their search and the image thumbnail helps to get their attention as well, which I’ll talk about in a moment.
Even though Youtube allows your title to be 100 characters, You should try to keep your title to within 60-70 — anything longer will get cut off in most search results.
  1. Optimize your Video Description
Why are YouTube video descriptions important? Simply put, they tell YouTube what your video is all about.
If YouTube doesn’t know how to categorize your video, they’re certainly not going to rank it very high.
Knowing how to write an effective descriptions is extremely important and a step most people often miss.
There is a maximum of 5000 characters allowed in the description field.
You should create an effective description that accurately and concisely describes your video.
It does not have to be too long or too short but an optimum readable length that can give a good and distinct idea of your video to the viewer.
Do not keyword stuff, in fact, I would recommend focussing only on your main keyword and maybe having one or 2 as alternate keywords.
For example:
Keyword:  Weight Loss
Alternate:  Weight loss tips
Alternate:  weight loss diets
Also, make sure you include a call to action…
if you have a free report you want them to opt into, make sure you include it in your description,
and make sure you mention it in the video itself.
  1. Tag Your Video With Popular Related Keywords
This is an important step because it not only helps your viewers know what your video is about but also YouTube.
That’s why again, it’s important not to keyword stuff here either.  In fact, you should only include tags that are completely relevant to your video.
Do not add tags just because you think it will get you more views.  Adding tags the right way will help Youtube associate your video with other related content and broaden your reach.
  1. Upload a Custom Thumbnail
Along with the title of your video, your thumbnail image plays a huge role in determining the number of clicks and views your video gets.
Please do not take the easy way and use any of the auto generated thumbnails that Youtube provides.
Your results will suffer as studies have shown that 90% of the best performing videos contain custom youtube thumbnails.
  1. Categorize Your Videos Properly
Choosing a category is another way to classify your video with similar content on YouTube —
This gets your video into different playlists and gains exposure to more viewers who identify with your audience.
Once you have uploaded your video you will have the ability to choose a category in the advanced settings.
You should put a little thought into selecting the category based on your niche…
you should be looking for who some of the top creators are in your niche and what category are they in.
  1. Add Cards & End Screens to increase Views
A card is a feature that allows you to direct your viewer to watch another video or take an action inside of your video (while its still playing).
An end screen is the same concept but occurs at the end of the video.
Let me show you how you would and a card and an end screen.
So those are my top 7 recommendations on how to rank a youtube video for beginners.
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