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In this video we are going to show you how to promote YouTube videos to maximize views.
Plus make sure you stay until the end because I’m going to reveal the fastest strategy for monetizing your youtube channel.
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Ok so today we are going to take a look at the top 3 tips to promote your videos for maximum video views.
Now, first and foremost… before you even create a video for your channel, you should make sure you…
  1. Know Your Audience
What I mean by this, is that you really need to understand what your audience wants and then produce content based around what that is,
this is going to make sure your videos get the most views and engagement naturally.
The best way to do this is by looking at what your competitors are doing, check to see which content is getting them the most engagement by filtering out most popular videos.   Watch the video to see how to do this.  This will guide you in terms of what type of videos you should create and what your audience is most engaged with.
  1. Optimize For SEO
I am sure you know by now that youtube is the 2nd largest search engine (next to Google).  But did you know that videos now appear in 70% of the top 100 search result listings?
People will find you on Google as well as Youtube so you want to make sure you follow some best practices for doing Youtube SEO.
  • Keyword research – make sure you are creating videos based around highly searched terms
  • Titles & description – you want to make sure you include these keywords in your titles and descriptions, but never keyword stuff
  • Key Tip:  Make sure you mention your keyword in your video especially in the beginning if possible
  • Engagement – make sure you ask users to engage with your videos.. just like I have done in this video, ask them to subscribe, like and comment on your video
  • Playlists – you should create different playlists to help organize your channel
  • Tags – adding tags helps Youtube know what your video is about, add as many tags as you can as long as it directly relates to your video
  1. Run a Paid YouTube Campaign
So paid advertising is always an option for getting exposure but its not for everyone especially if you are just starting out – ill tell you more about this in a moment…
So, there are several options you can use when running youtube ads such as:
  • Display ads – these are only available on desktop and they show up on the right-hand sidebar of videos
  • Overlay ads – these ads are semi-transparent ads that are shown at the bottom part of a video.  These are only available on desktop as well
  • Bumper ads:  Viewers can not skip these ads and they have to watch them before they can get to their video.  These are short ads with a maximum of 6 seconds
Now, this can definitely method can definitely help you maximize views but it is only feasible if you have a marketing budget.
And I know most people don’t have money to put into ads especially (as i mentioned) if you are just starting out.
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► Get Free Affiliate Marketing Training (RANK #1 GOOGLE & YOUTUBE):