In this article, I show you how to monetize youtube fast even without 4000 watch hrs…
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I’m going to reveal a strategy –  that allows you to make money on youtube by getting on top of Google and Youtube Rankings for free…
Just in case you didn’t know…
in order to make money with Youtube with their partner program,
they require you to have :  4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers (within the last 12 months.)
For most people this can seem almost impossible — especially if you have a brand new channel and are a beginner.
The good news is that there are actually many ways to monetize youtube fast without having the required 1000 subcsribers and 4000 watch hours.
For example – you can make money faster using such methods as:
– Affiliate Marketing – this is where you earn affiliate commission by promoting other peoples products through a special URL link
– Brand sponsorships – you can become a sponsor for brand you trust and believe in, just make sure they are relevant to your audience
– Sell Merchandise – You can sell specially branded merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, and canvas bags, and you can have these items drop shipped with companies like cafe press — so you don’t have to deal with inventory and shipping
– Amazon Influencer Program – amazon recently introduced this program which is an extension of their affiliate associates program, where you have the ability to create a page on amazon filled with any products you want to recommend to your audience.
Those are just a few to make money on youtube, and I will get further into those methods in another video.  But for now I want to talk about what I feel are the most important factors for making money on Youtube…
In order to capture the attention of millions of people that Youtube provides,
you’ll really just need to work on two things:
# 1 – Provide Great Content
# 2 – Search Engine Optimization
When it comes to providing valuable content, If you can create videos on topics that your target audience finds interesting,
then you’re off to a great start.
But the real key to success  — is mastering SEO for YouTube —
That means, using the right keywords in your video’s tags, keyword titles,  and description.
This requires a little bit of work and research on your part, but it’s absolutely worth the time, because you are taking advantage of free traffic…
and it’s much easier than trying to rank number one for a web page or blog post. Since Google owns YouTube…
Google rewards you for good SEO and will rank you higher in the results not only within YouTube, but also on Google.
Again, this is free traffic and you won’t have to pay for expensive advertising.
Another strategy that plays into SEO is social media…
So be sure to encourage your viewers to share your videos on social media platforms and to subscribe to your channel.
Subscribers are a great thing for your channel because it means you have a built-in audience waiting to absorb your content.
It’s also great for your subscribers who like your content, because they’ll start getting notified every time you post a new video –
This is good because they will often like or comment, which is good for Googles algorithm.
Also, If you have a blog, you can re-purpose all your videos by posting them on YouTube.
Make sure to embed the videos in your blog posts and share them with your email list.
Finally post your videos on all your other social media accounts,
including getting Pinterest traffic, which is a great way to get exposure by creating pins for your videos.
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Stay tuned for my next video where I show you how how to make money with a youtube video using a simple software.   So go ahead click the link below and See you next time!