web marketingThe internet is a revolutionary tool that lowers the costs of entry to start a business, but it is by no means free. The financial costs can be extremely low, but success in the online world demands either a willingness to spend more money than your competitors, or a willingness to devote a great deal of your time and resources to the site. Google claims that great content is the key to ranking well in the search engines.



It’s true that it’s difficult to maintain consistently high ratings without it, but this is only half of the puzzle. You also need to have a well designed promotional strategy if you want to reach a wide enough audience to solidify your business for the long haul.

Here’s how to do it.

Bottom Up

Before you can build a pyramid, you need to build a base. Your base is the most important part of the business you will ever build, and it is the most crucial part to maintain.

What is the base of your web marketing business? It consists of people. Real people. People who have a fair amount of influence. People that are enthusiastic about what you have to say and want to spread the word.

The success of your business starts with the network that you build. Find influential people in your niche, and get to know them. You don’t necessarily have to meet them in person or even talk over the phone. But if you can at least become an online acquaintance with them you will be surprised just how much success you can achieve.

Every online niche has a community of bloggers and influential social media persona surrounding it. All you need to do is gain the acceptance of this community, understand what makes them tick, and then start producing content that appeals to them.


Don’t just talk at your audience, interact with them. While it’s good to dedicate about half of your efforts toward connecting with influential people, you should spend the other half of your efforts on your everyday audience. This helps improve your reputation and keeps people coming back.

Your blog posts should encourage interaction. Some of your blog posts may be centered around simply asking your audience a question. This gets a discussion going, and some of the most interesting content on your site can come out of the interactions that you have directly with your audience. This can also provide inspiration for new blog posts and keeps your from getting stuck inside your own head, which is where creativity goes to die.

If you have difficulty reaching a wide enough audience to get a discussion going, you may want to consider some PPC advertising. You’d be surprised how little it costs to buy traffic as long as you go after a low-profitability keyword. During the audience building stage, it doesn’t matter how profitable your keywords are. A loyal audience is the best thing you’ll ever invest in.