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Welcome to todays video where we talk about how to make money with affiliate marketing without a website.
Make sure you watch the entire video because I’m going to be showing you a proven method that is bringing in over $52,000 in sales of affiliate marketing sales – all without a website!
Ok, so you want to get started with affiliate marketing, but you don’t want to have to create a website.
Don’t worry there are several methods you can use if you want to avoid the hassle of having to build and maintain a website.
But before I cover those methods, I want you to understand something… you should never rely on just one method.  This is true for any kind of marketing not just affiliate marketing.
You always want to test different methods for promoting your affiliate products in order to determine which is producing the best results for your niche.
However, when you are just starting out, you should definitely just start with one method — you want to get some traction using that method before scaling up and trying other methods.
In my opinion, it always helps to get additional exposure for your affiliate products with any method (including a website),
but, I agree there is a ton of work and maintenance required when building a website, so I can definitely understand wanting to do affiliate marketing without one.
But don’t worry because in a moment, I am going to show you a proven method that allows you to get exposure on Google and Youtube for your affiliate products – all without needing to build a website.
Ok so there are 4 main methods to making money with affiliate marketing without a website.   They are:
  1. Paid Advertising
So, although paid advertising may seem like the easiest way to get traffic to your site,
I can tell you that you need a fairly large budget to experiment when trying to find your first profitable ad campaign.
Unless, you have a few thousand dollars to test out different ads,  I would not recommend this method.
If you are just starting with affiliate marketing, I would definitely try to focus on free traffic, which I will talk more about in a moment with method #4.
  1. Social Media Platforms
Although social media can be a great way to make money with affiliate marketing, it does take time to build a following.
So, with social media, I am taking about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Pinterest etc.  The idea is you want to build an audience so that you can post your content and promote your affiliate links.
The good news is It does not cost anything to set up these accounts.  So you want to set up accounts on all the social media platforms that makes sense for your niche.
  1. Email Marketing
This is one of the best methods, especially if you already have a list of subscribers in your niche that you can use to promote your products.
If you don’t have a list, you will need to build your own list.  If you created your social media accounts, you can use them to stat ti build your email list by creating a post for an offer for a free course or any valuable information your audience wants in exchange for their email.
Once you have their email, you can start promoting your affiliate links.
  1. Start A YouTube Channel
Ok, so I saved this method for last because I honestly believe this is actually the best method for promoting affiliate products right now.
Why?  Well, setting up a channel is FREE and the amount of potential traffic you can get is absolutely crazy.
It’s the 2nd biggest search engine with 2 billion active users.  In fact, people watch 1 billion hours of videos on youtube every single day.
So the concept is simple, you create a channel and basically create videos.  I know many people are camera shy, but  you should know,
you don’t even have to be on camera and there are many strategies for making videos without showing your face.
Another reason I believe this is the best strategy right now is because videos are extremely popular and they are only getting more essential in marketing everyday.
Not only that they are actually much easier to rank in both Youtube and Google so getting your affiliate links in front of prospective buyers has never been easier.
This is why I am so excited to tell you about a Proven Method from one of my mentors, his name is Paul Murphy and he is actually  making $52,000 per month using this strategy, which  he developed specifically for promoting affiliate products using YouTube.
I am using this strategy myself and I just had my first $1100 day and I have only just started a few months ago!   I have made more than $3000 so far but it was exciting to make $1100 in one day.
Ok so make sure to watch the video where I show you actual live proof of how this works.
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