pay per click, ppc advertisingPay Per Click marketing through Google AdWords is an excellent way for businesses to supplement their website traffic. However, businesses that rely on PPC marketing as their sole source of website traffic may be spending thousands of dollars more than they need to each month. There are several things businesses can do to reign in their PPC advertising budget to more manageable levels.

Contract with an SEO Expert to Generate Organic Website Traffic
Nothing is better than free. Once SEO experts help businesses get their website positioned properly in the search engine results for target keywords, businesses will start to see an increase in free organic website traffic. Businesses can begin seeing the results of search engine optimization in as little as two weeks. This organic website traffic can either be used to increase the total amount of traffic to a website without reducing spending on PPC advertising or may eventually be able to replace PPC advertising in traffic volume entirely.

Outsource SEO Content Writing for Article Marketing
Article marketing does two really great things for website traffic. It can generate juicy do-follow backlinks for off-page search engine optimization. Interesting articles with catchy titles and great information can also generate direct traffic if they are placed on busy websites. Businesses that make a habit of regularly posting great content will eventually develop their own readership, which can lead to lots of repeat traffic. Some SEO experts also offer outsourced content creation so businesses may be able to bundle their SEO services and content creation services with a single vendor.

Foster Relationships with Clients via Social Media Marketing
If your business has a website, you should also have a solid presence established on the two giants of social media, Facebook and Twitter. Many websites do have accounts on these services, but their accounts are severely underutilized and fail to attract followers. Some appear to be so “spammy” that their owners have little or no hope of ever attracting a live person to their pages. Social media experts can help businesses establish a thriving following of people working in, interested in or otherwise involved in their industry.

Social media marketing works wonders for increasing website traffic when used in combination with article marketing and search engine optimization. This three prong approach to web marketing can help businesses reduce their Pay Per Click advertising budget or eliminate it entirely if they prefer. Many businesses choose to continue using PPC advertising for various campaigns even after they have ended their reliance on it as their sole source of website traffic.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!