The line separating SEO from social marketing has been getting thinner for quite some time. Those who are currently achieving the most success have completely erased the line, and dived into the exciting new world of social SEO. This is where the Facebook like meets the blog link. If you want to completely dominate your niche, this is the strategy you need to follow.



Start with a Network

Any successful business plan starts with a strong network. This is even more true for today’s online world. While social media marketing can drive traffic to your site, it is actually the networking capabilities offered by social media that offer the most benefit.

Using social media, you can identify the most influential people in your niche, and become their friends. Not just a Facebook friend or Twitter follower, but a genuine acquaintance. Once you’ve developed a network of influential people in your niche, you will find that success in SEO and social media isn’t far away.

Twitter is one of the best places on the internet to find these people. The Twitter search feature is such an amazing feature it’s a wonder more people don’t use it. Sign up, flesh out your profile, click on “who to follow,” and search for keywords in your niche. Find people with a large number of followers, who don’t follow quite as many people.

Then start talking to these people. Answer questions they have asked. Point them to pieces of information they might like. Retweet them. Go out of your way to help them. Keep doing this until they remember who you are. Many of these people have their own blogs. Even if they don’t, they have the influence to send groups of followers your way. These are valuable people. Invest in them.

Create Linkbait

Now that you’ve spent all this time going out of your way to help people on the net, you’ll have learned some skills in the process that will prove invaluable. You’ll have learned how to find information that other people couldn’t find. You’ll have learned what the most influential people in your niche are interested in. You’ll understand how they think, and what they’re hungry for.

Now you can start writing content for them. You can brainstorm ideas that you think this audience of influential people would be interested in. You can hunt down information behind paywalls, in libraries, on government websites, in databases, and from inquisitive email exchanges with experts. You’ll gather all this information together, summarize it, add your own personal insights, and infuse it with emotion.

Contact your network. Run your idea past them. Ask them if it would be interesting enough to send a link to. If not, find out why, and go back to the drawing board. Don’t waste your time publishing content that won’t get linked to.

Once your network tells you they’ll link to your content out of sheer interest or amusement and a desire to share the information with their own audience, publish your content. Let your network know about it. If you’ve done the work of forming real relationships with them, they’ll follow through. They SEO benefits are incredible, and your visibility will soar.