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In this video I am going to show you how to do affiliate marketing on youtube with no money or a website.
Did you know that over 6 billion hours of video are viewed on Youtube every month?  That’s right, and thats because Youtube is the second largest search engine (Google being 1 one).
Youtube has over 1 billion users and is larger than any cable network.
This means there is a huge audience you can reach for free and precisely why you should consider learning how to do affiliate marketing on Youtube
But, first, what is Affiliate Marketing and can you really make money online with no money or a website?
Affiliate marketing is basically just promoting other peoples products in exchange for a commission from the sale.
So how does this work with regards to Youtube…
Affiliate Marketing Process
Well, Affiliate Marketing on Youtube is a relatively simple process:
  1. Customer finds your content via search or social media channels
  2. You recommend a product or service to your youtube visitors in your videos
  3. Your visitors purchase the product or service using your affiliate link
  4. You get paid a commission for the sales made using your affiliate link.
This makes great sense especially if you are just starting out because you don’t need your own product and this is usually one of the biggest hurdles people struggle with.
So now that you basically know you can use other peoples products, you simply just need to decide on what product to promote?
So how do you do that?
Well here are the steps you’ll need to do in order to do affiliate marketing on youtube for free and without a website:
  1. Choose A niche
  2. Choose product within that niche
  3. Sign up to affiliate program
  4. Set up Youtube channel and create videos (include affiliate links)
  5. Drive Traffic To Youtube Channel
So as you can see you don’t need any money or a website to do affiliate marketing on youtube – However, you do need traffic and ill talk to you more about that in a moment…
Ok so so far, everything seems pretty simple and straightforward and it is, but I can tell you right now that number 5 on the list “Driving Traffic” is the key to being able to make money on youtube.
You can do all the steps correctly but if you can not get visitors to watch your videos, then there is no way you’ll make money with affiliate marketing on Youtube.
Now, I want to tell you how you can get access to a free training that shows you how to promote affiliate products (but actually, this strategy can work with any product or service).
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