In this article, I’m going to show you how to do affiliate marketing on Youtube even without a website.  There seems to be a common myth about affiliate marketing that is that people think that they can not do affiliate marketing without having a website. This is a common belief probably because there are a lot of marketers that do create a blog or a website to promote products. This works especially well if you create a website based around a certain niche.

Ok so let me be clear here… if you want to do affiliate marketing, you do not need your own website, but you do need an online presence of some kind.  So lets do a countdown for the top 5 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website..

# 4 Social Media
If you already have a Facebook account or twitter account, it could be a good start as long as you have lots of friends and followers that might be more inclined to click on your posts.  As with anything you do online, you aways want to be sure you provide useful content and is meaningful to your audience.   Since you do not need your own product, with affiliate marketing, you just need to post links on your social media platforms with your affiliate links.
#3 Create E-Book
This might seem a little daunting for most people, but there are easy ways you can accomplish this… first easiest way is to outsource it… this is a good option if you have a budget to work with and a great resource to get this done is a site called … you can have someone create this for you and all you need to do is tell them exactly what you want. So the goal here is to provide useful quality content and inside the ebook, you can link to your affiliate product.
Another option you can do to get the ebook created is to use PLR content.   PLR stands for Private Label Rights — so this is content that is already written and you have the right to use it as your own, you can put your name on it, edit it anyway you like and claim it as your own.
Let me show you an example of an Ebook I created for affiliate marketing using PLR content…
#2 Forums & Online communities
You can promote your affiliate products using forums and online communities. This is fairly easy to do but you do need to put in some work… first you need to find forums related to your niche and now you just create an account become a member and become active in the community and provide value.   Make sure that you abide by the community guidelines as you do not just want to spam your links everywhere.   Look for peoples questions that could tie into your product and gain trust.  If you are consistent and provide value people will trust you and click on helpful links you provide.
#1 Create YouTube Videos
Now I save the best for last because this is really how you can provide the most value and make the most money —  if you do it right.   Remember, you do not need to be a YouTube superstar to promote affiliate products and all you need to get started is a YouTube account, which is free. YouTube is a great way to promote affiliate products because you can promote just about anything (as long as you provide disclosure of the affiliate links you are using).  When creating your Youtube videos, just make sure they are related to the products of services you are promoting and most important provide value.   In the description, you simply place the affiliate links to the products you are promoting and you’ll get a commission anytime someone purchase the product from your link.
So those are the top 4 ways to do affiliate marketing without a website…
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