Salesman who is pushyI remember when I was a kid a salesman came to our door. I don’t remember much about him except that he was selling some type of cleaner and that to prove to my mom it was safe he drank it straight out of the bottle. He then asked my mom if she had anything she just couldn’t get clean. She said yes and brought him one of our dining room chairs. They were fabric covered, and my siblings and I had pretty much turned the fabric from white to brown. He sprayed some cleaner on, put some elbow grease into it and turned that fabric white again. My mom was pretty impressed and ordered two of the ridiculously priced cleaners from the smooth-talking salesman. I remember her later telling my dad that he, “was the best salesman I’ve ever seen.”

“For small business owners there’s a lesson to be learned from the aggressive and pushy sales-people. It’s called “product demonstration” and it works – in fact, it works so well that product demonstrations can increase sales by up to 70%.” People are busier today than ever and their time is very valuable to them. They aren’t as willing to simply browse your site unless they are very interested in your product. Since product demonstration works so well for door-to-door salespeople, it will work on the internet too.

All it takes is a little creativity. Can you think of a way to demonstrate your products or services to people to impress them with the need for it in their life? For example, I’ve recently seen videos on YouTube that were done by hair salons that were very informational about ways to color your hair. However, these videos also mention how it is much easier for a professional to dye your hair since they are already set up with the necessary equipment to contain the mess. This type of subtle suggestion combined with informational, interesting demonstrations is a great selling tool for any business.

“Research clearly suggests that less than 1% of your online traffic will make a purchase on their first visit to your website. Therefore, it’s your job to take them to the next level, education.” Another example, recently had a Twitter party with prizes and all to tell people about the health benefits of cherries and why they were good for you and your diet. YouTube videos, videos on your website, podcasts or audio seminars, webinars, or even Twitter parties can all be creative ways to demonstrate and create a need for your product to potential customers just like door to door salespeople do.