Twitter marketing is unlike any other medium online. With 140 characters and a high-paced environment, a post on Twitter must be eye-catching and relevant; otherwise you may well be losing followers. Gaining and maintaining your followers also integral to marketing your business on Twitter.


Send Tweets as Frequently as Possible

There is nothing people hate more than someone clogging their feed. This means posting numerous times within a short period. While you want exposure when marketing your business on Twitter, you don’t want to wear out your welcome.

Be sure to:

• Spread out your posts. Followers like to know you are updating, but do it too frequently and you could get unfollowed fast.

• Tweet your update more than once. Following even 100 people on Twitter can cause users to miss a tweet. If you only post your update once, it might be overlooked.

• Find a balance. Tweeting every half hour is obnoxious. Try for once every few hours. You can maintain your followers and keep them wanting more.

Don’t Interact

Twitter marketing is all about networking. There is generally a “Follow me, I’ll follow you” mentality. By limiting the interaction between your business and your followers, you won’t see your numbers go up.

Be sure to:

• Ask interactive questions. Ask your followers what they think about any given topic related to your business. Photographer? Ask them their favorite style of photo. Web design? Ask them for their favorite websites. Get the conversation started.

• Continue the conversation! Respond to them, get active in their conversations. Tell them, respectfully, what you think of their ideas and how your business could benefit them.

Following is Unnecessary

Twitter marketing requires a give-and-receive system. You should surround yourself with people that are in your industry. A little competition never hurt anyone.

Be sure to:

• Search for people and businesses with similar interests. If you are in Marketing, search for others that do the same thing. Even if they live in another country, they could have excellent ideas.

•Join in on conversations. If you want to talk about your favorite camera lens, search for others that are talking about it. Follow them to see what else they discuss that might be relevant to your business and your future marketing on Twitter.

•Follow your follower’s followers. If someone follows you, chances are they have similar interests and know others that do as well. Twitter marketing includes getting in contact with people that share common links to lead to great networking opportunities.

Avoid Keywords and Hashtags

If you just want to post a link to your website, you don’t need hashtags, right? WRONG! Without some idea of what kind of website it is you want your followers to visit, they aren’t going to click on it.

Be sure to:

• Give some indication of what visitors will find when they click on your link. Just a few extra words can peak enough interest to bring people to your site.

• Utilize hashtags. Hashtags are used to designate a tweet by giving it purpose. Try to be creative, as the hashtag essentially highlights what your Tweet is about. Twitter marketing depends on the content of your tweets.


Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!