effects of color on web design, color effects on choice, Did you know the color of an ad can affect whether or not you purchase the product?  “Studies have confirmed that color influences decisions to purchase merchandise by grabbing people’s attention.”  Full color advertisements cost far more for advertisers, yet many companies plunk down the cash because they are so much more effective.

Color not only motivates the public to buy, but it can also hinder public acceptance of certain products due to other factors and features associated with the color. Such factors as textures, lighting, amount of white space on a page and people’s preference have impacts on the colors chosen in marketing because of the projection of the image. For example, texture can influence people’s decision to purchase one product over another because two different textures of the same color can appear differently and create different responses from different people. Through the aid of a scientific instrument, a piece of white linen and white silk appear to be the same color, but the human eye will see the linen as whiter because the cloth’s textured surface scatters more white light than the smooth surface of silk.

Today’s advertisers and web designers know that white space is an important part of an advertisement and web page.  It makes the image or page more accessible and uncluttered.  This also makes it more effective.  Depending on where the ad will be used many advertisers will use particular colors.  For example, an outdoor billboard will often have colors that contrast one another such as yellow and purple.  Color choice is also influenced by the target demographic for the product.  For example, darker colors often appeal more to men.  The dark blue and white of Gillette body care products and black, white, and accent colors of Axe body care are an example of this.  Primary colors are usually used for children’s products; e.g. Little Tikes’ red, white, and blue logo or Pamper’s green and yellow usage.

Did you know the color red stimulates the appetite?  That is why McDonald’s chose it as one of their primary colors.  Blue has mental connotations of loyalty and trustworthiness which the insurance company Allstate capitalizes on with their blue “are you in good hands” logo.  Pink “relaxes mental tension…[and] sells by emitting a soft, lovable, and feminine image.”  Have you seen how many feminine hygiene products have pink on them?

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!