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In this video, I will be doing a Groovepages review:  we will be  looking at Groovepages vs Clickfunnels vs Karta to discover which is the best sales funnel software – so stay tuned.
Ok so since you are looking into the what the best sales funnel software is, I want to say congratulations because this means you are at least one step ahead of your competitors.
Most business are not even aware of what a sales funnel is or that they even need one for their business… and I can tell you that every business no matter what it is needs a sales funnel.
So what is a sales funnel exactly?
Well it is simply the buying process that companies lead customers through when purchasing products.
The most common phases involved in a sales funnels include:
Awareness Phase – This is where prospects become aware of the existence of a solution.
Interest Phase – where the prospects demonstrated interest in a product by conducting product research
Decision Phase – where a final decision is reached
Action Phase – This is where the prospect becomes a customer and goods or services are purchased
An example of a sale funnel for an entrepreneur offering a no bark dog collar would be like this…
A user sees an ad on Google or social media offering tips on how to stop your dog from barking.
the user is directed to your landing page, where they can opt in to recieve the free ebook of tips
Over the following days, the lead gets emails, with further tips on how to stop their dog from barking as well as directing them to the dog collar.
The lead purchases the dog collar…
You continue to send more tips, with coupons and discounts on other products.
All of these steps of the buyers journey are created using sales funnel software and today we will be talking about the top 3 in the market today.
The first funnel software I want to talk about is probably the most popular one as it is very well known in the digital marketing world …  it is Click Funnels…
it is marketed as a solution for entrepreneurs and small businesses with little to no coding skills that want to create online sales funnels.
They have lots of training and resources in the members area and FB groups.   They do have good integration options for implementing more advanced automations.
However, this means connecting to another software that will cost more money.
I must say I really loved click funnels back when it first came out, but over the years it has not kept up with technology and has not really delivered on their promise to be an all in one solution for building sales funnels –
it falls short with its metrics, page speed  and email marketing.
Many times pages don’t load and this is crucial when you are trying to have people make purchases from your pages.
Overall, I think it is a good solution but there are better options available, which we will discuss and it can get very expensive….
Kartra offers a suite of marketing tools to help you create sales funnels and market your products and services online.
I actually like this funnel software over click funnels because it does offer more of a one in all platform.
It offers funnel templates, pre-built landing pages, video hosting, third-party integrations, email marketing and you get some great training resources directly from Frank Kern – a true marketing legend.
Like click funnels it has a drag and drop page builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates.
You can also sell products or services with secure check out forms for credit card and paypal.
Another feature I like with Kartra is that it has Kartra Mail, where you can create live or automated email or SMS marketing campaign’s.
It also has a component that allow you to create membership sites, where you can deliver your course or training material with a drag and drop membership portal builder.
Now Kartra is a great platform and as I mentioned, I would choose it over ClickFunnels…
however, in my honest opinion, i do not think it is going to be able to keep up with what GrooveFunnels has in store.
Ok so first I thing you should know is that GrooveFunnels (also known as) GroovePages was created by the same developers of Kartra…
The man behind this software is Mike Filsaime, who was the co-founder of Kartra, WebinarJam and EverWebinar.
A couple of years ago, he split with his partners over creative differences and since then used crowdfunding to raise almost $2Million dollars to build GrooveFunnels.
Now although this software is still in Beta, it has actually already overtaken Clickfunnels in the number of users —
making them the number one funnel builder on the market.
Now again, I want to stress that at the time of creating this video, Groovepages is still in beta but –
since they are building this software on a newer and better technology, it is absolutely going to blow away Kartra and Click funnels.
Not only is it going to have more features built in making it a truly all in one software, it is going to be faster and more affordable.
First of all, you can get Groovepages absolutely free right now – you can click the link below in the description.
They wont even ask for a credit card — you can just create an account and you are good to go…
You’ll have everything you need to sell services and products online.  It’s not just a funnel builder either, you can actually create full branded websites with it.
GrooveFunnels also uses Mobile first indexing, which is important for SEO because Google predominantly uses the moible version of the content for indexing and ranking your pages.
Mike Filsaime and his GrooveFunnels team is essentially rebuilding Kartra and Webinar Jam (which is his old webinar platform)…
and making it 100 times better with new technology and improving on mistakes they made with the previous frameworks.
The GroovePages platform is superior in just about every way — it is also going to utilize SDK, which stands for Software Development Kit,
which allows developers to create software applications in the same way it is done for wordpress plugins or chrome extensions —
this means that the possibilities of features are endless.
The other reason, that makes GrooveFunnels a superior product to Click funnels or Kartra is that it offers truly FREE plans  —
these are not 7 or 14 day trials, these are real functioning access to the software absolutely free – No Credit Card Required.
You can click the link below to get started for free.
So let me show you the plans and pricing once it moves out of the beta phase..
Ok so hopefully, this video was helpful and if you liked this video please subscribe to my channel – it really helps me out a lot and I appreciate it.
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