In this video, I’ll be doing a Groovepages review and answering the question.. if this the best sales funnel software on the market or not – so stay tuned…
So one of the most common questions I get regarding groovepages is…  what is groovepages and what is groovefunnels and what’s the difference?
So, I will answer that first…
Groovefunnels is a suite of software applications designed to build sales funnels as well as websites.
It was developed my Mike Filsaime, who is also one of the developers of Kartra, everwebinar and webinar jam.
These are all great online marketing applications that are on the market right now.  However, Mike split with his partners and decided on his mission to make the best all in one platforms on the market, which is what Groove funnels is.
Groovepages is one component of Groovefunnels and is the funnel builder and website builder.  No other sales funnel software on the market creates websites as well, which makes it very unique.
I am going to give you a look inside groovepages in a moment but first I want to tell you why I think Groovepages is on track to be the best sales funnel on the market.
First of all, it is completely free… that’s right you can click the link below in the description and just create an account.
They wont even ask you for a credit card or anything like that because it is not a free trial… It’s actually free for life.
Now, I will tell you that it is basic version of Groovepages as they will also have a pro version you can upgrade to.
However, the basic version is more than you need to get you started as it has unlimited products and funnels.  The only restriction is you can use up to 3 custom domains.
Now, if you know anything about funnel builder software, you probably heard of some of its major competitors such as Kartra, lead pages and Clickfunnels.
But, what makes this funnel builder different is that it loads way faster, this is a huge advantage for SEO, which means your pages will rank higher in the search engines.
The reason is a little technical but basically the reason it is faster is because the code is mostly loaded on the browser and it does not have to make requests to a separate database.
Most page builders use an outdated technology called bootstrap, which is now about 10 years old.
Another reason groovepages and groovefunnels is superior is because it is the only software that usses what’s known as “Mobile-First Indexing”.
This simply means that Google will now only use the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking. your pages.  Again, this means that your pages will rank higher than those that are building pages in the older technology.
Another advantage is that you actually get FREE hosting (that’s right, no more hosting fees)…
and because Groovepages are hosted on Google cloud platform, this means even faster loading speeds
You should also know that Groovepages has already surpassed Leadpages, kartra and clickfunnels…
making it the leading website & funnel builder on the market with more than 1 million users forecasted by the end of 2020.
Not only that, when you sign up for a free Groovepages account below in the description, you also get Groovesell and Groove affiliate,
which is a powerful sales and affiliate platform that is part of the Groovefunnels suite.
It is similar to samcart or paykickstart.. it basically allows you to sell digital products, ecourses and services.
Ok so lets take a quick look inside, the first thing to remember is that at the time of creating this video, we are still in Beta phase…
This means that they are still adding features, making improvements and fixing any bugs..
so if you don’t want to deal with any of that — I would just keep using your current solution, but there’s no reason to wait to sign up
because Im not sure how long they will offering this for free… so sign up below for a free account you. have nothing to lose..
Click the link below to get your free account of Groovepages, remember it’s totally free and they wont even ask you for a credit card – unless of course you want to upgrade.
Also,  if you sign up with my link below, you’ll also get access to a FREE TRAINING that shows you how to rank and product or service on top of Google and Youtube –
using Free traffic, so never pay for ads again…  click the link below and I’ll see you next time!
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