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Today I am going to be talking about GroovePages free funnel builder – and how you can get lifetime access!

So what is GroovePages?

Well, it’s the latest software platform created by a well known Internet marketing pioneer – Mike Filsaime.

It is a subset of a larger suite of products known as GrooveFunnels, which Ill share more about in a moment Mike Filsaime and his partners have set out to create a funnel builder that will revolutionize the industry and is currently on tract to be a Clickfunnels killer.

Clickfunnels is currently the leader in the industry, but at the time of this video Groovefunnels already has 75,000 users and is set to hit 100,000 users in just a few weeks…

Which means they will soon surpass Clickfunnels – even before it has officially launched.

This means that not only is Groove Funnels the fastest growing page builder in the world, but the most popular – making it #1!

Why is this good for you? Well for a few reasons…

First, you can get GroovePages right now for free and there is an option for you to pick up GrooveFunnels, which is there entire suite of software products for a one time price, which will give you lifetime access, making it totally free from that point on.

Once Groovefunnels officially launches, the lifetime access will be gone forever – so i highly encourage you to take advantage of this now, while it’s still available.

If by the time you watch this video, they have already officially launched, don’t worry, you can still get groovepages for free, but all other groove products will be on a monthly fee.

In this video, I go over there products, so you can get a better idea of what you can get for free and what will soon to be available for a monthly fee. Watch video for more details.