In this video, I’m going to be doing a groovepages demo walkthrough…. I will be doing a full funnel build from scratch to show you how to set up a complete sales funnel .
Ok so I will be breaking this up into multiple parts because I think it would be easier to digest the content in a few videos rather than one really long one.
I will be recreating a funnel I created for a product that I was selling on Amazon.  I have decided to take it off Amazon and use Groovepages and Grovesell to increase my profits.
So, i will be creating this sales funnel completely from scratch to show you exactly how to create a funnel in groove funnels.
Now keep in mind that we are currently working on the Beta version of Groovepages…
so there may be a few bugs here and there that we have to deal with — but don’t worry there is always a work around if we run into any issue.
Also,  if you have not signed up for your free account of Groovepages yet, I highly suggest you click on the link below…
You get Groovepages free for life, they wont ask you for any credit card or anything and you get create pages in Groovepages and Groove sell — just like I am about to show you.   Watch the video for details!
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