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In today’s video, I want to talk to you about Groovepages backer pricing and lifetime plan — I’m going to explain how it works and how you can get it before its gone for good.
Ok so by now you’ve heard about Groovepages and Groovefunnels and I get a lot of questions about how the beta program works and how long the lifetime plan will be available….
So first of all, Groovepages is a webpage and funnel builder that is part of a larger suite of products known as Groovefunnels.
The entire suite is not ready for prime time yet and they are still making improvements to Groovepages, which is why it is in Beta phase. Groovefunnels was created by Mike Filsaime, who is responsible for many reputable marketing software out on the market today, such as Kartra, webinar jam and everwebinar; so you can be sure this is not just a fly by night project and his mission is to make this product the best on the planet.
The beta backer program allows you to get access to Groovepages and Groovefunnels as a charter member at the lowest possible price that they will every offer. Once they move out of the beta phase, they will be increasing prices and going into a monthly recurring model.
They are also going to remove certain features that you will have access for forever if you jump in now. You get certain software such as Groovewebinar, Groovemail and Groovevideo — not only that they will be going into a monthly recurring pricing model.
So the main thing you should know is that since Groovepages is still in Beta, this means that not everything will be working properly and there will be bugs. This is the trade off — this is why they are offering such an amazing deal, you basically will get all the long term benefits of all their features and applications because you are coming in as groovepages backer.
You are helping by purchasing upfront a one time fee and you will reap the benefits once they are out of beta.
So. I would recommend that if you have another funnel builder, keep using that for more critical projects but jump in now because once it rolls out of beta — i honestly believe its going to surpass any of their top competitors. If you want something that is working perfectly without expecting any bugs then this is probably not for you…
However, be warned that If you wait until it goes out of beta, you are basically going to be paying a lot more for a lot less… Also, they have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try it out and if for any reason you are not happy they will refund 100% of you money — so there is really nothing to risk.
Also, even if you do not want to upgrade to the lifetime plan, you can still sign up below for FREE and you will get access to Groovepages, GrooveSell and Groove affiliate at no cost at all and no credit card required… so sign up for free, there is nothing to lose.
So go ahead click on the link below to get in at the cheapest price you will ever get. Also, if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and hit the notify bell to be alerted of my latest videos.
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► Get The Best New Funnel Builder For FREE! –  https://www.digitalsynergy.com/gpgs