Hey, this is Glen from Digital Synergy and today I’m going to be talking about Groovepages affiliate and Groovefunnels affiliate program –
I’ll be talking about why its such a good program and how easy it is to earn big commissions – so stay tuned.
Ok so the first thing you should know is that it is really easy to become an affiliate — in fact all you need to do is to sign up for a free account of GroovePages —
You can just click the link down below and you will automatically be signed up as an affiliate…. your links and promotions will be all set up and ready to go…
Now, keep in mind that that commissions are paid on 2 tiers.  When you sign up under the free account you can promote Groovepages and Groovefunnels and get 20% commission on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2.
If you upgrade your account, you will automatically be moved up to 40% commission on tier 1 and 10% on tier 2
So what do i mean with second tier?  Well, it simply means that you can start building a downline, so that you will also get paid  when people that you referred start referring other people.
Just think of the possibilities here…  imagine, if you were to refer a top influencer — just one person, but because they have a massive following, you would get paid from all their referrals
The other great thing about Groovepages affiliate program is that whenever you refer anyone, you are hardcoded as the only affiliate for life.    This is something that mades the groovefunnels affiliate program unique – nobody else does this.
They essentially lock everyone you refer to in what they call a “parent-child relationship that is hardcoded with and affiliate tag to you.
This means that you do not have to worry about your cookies timing out or if they were to use a different computer when they decide to upgrade.
They call this “first tag wins” — so your job is just to get people to sign up for free
So why is this important?  Basically, this means that no one can ever take your lead away from you.
If you refer them initially and get them to sign up for free, they are locked into you for life.  They can upgrade 3 days later or 3 years later, this lead belongs to you for life.
Another thing that makes this program so great is that 1 in 5 people that click your link becomes a GrooveFunnels user…
This is why they are comparing it to the Gold Rush… why?  Because it really is a ground floor opportunity.  Think about it..  1 in 5 people will convert, those are great numbers…  and remember nobody can ever steal your lead, you own that referal for life
so even if somebody else eventually convinces them to upgrade through their website post, youtube video or webinar, if they upgrade you get the credit
So lets look at the numbers — as a pro member with 40% commissions,  this is what you can expect to make from your free sign ups
Now depending on your following, it could take you awhile but the potential is real…
Remember, these number are based on you being a pro member, you can expect half those figures if you stay on the free level, but this is a great reason to upgrade
Another feature that makes this affiliate program so great is that they have lots of copy and paste promotional tools.
Remember you can start promoting Groovepages and Groovefunnels absolutely free, it does not cost a dime…
Just click the link below sign up for the free account and you will automatically be signed up as an affiliate.
So go ahead sign up for your free groovepages account below and Ill see you next time!