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In this video I am going to be doing a Groovefunnels review.  I’ll be giving you my honest opinion about Groovefunnels and hopefully I can help you decide if  this is something you should consider or not.
Also, stay tuned because in the moment I’m also going to reveal what the creators of Groovefunnels don’t really want you to know.  So, the first thing you should know is that Groovefunnels is the latest software platform created by Mike Filsaime.
He is a well known internet marketer that has put out many reputable products on the market, which have been tried and tested and are considered top notch in the industry.  Some of these products include Kartra, everwebinar and webinar Jam.  Mike Filsaime basically severed his partnerships with his companies to create Groovefunnels.
So why did he do this… Well, Mike Filsaime and his new partners have wanted to set out to create a an all in one funnel builder & digital marketing software that will revolutionize the industry and they are already making waves.
Infact, Groovefunnels has already surpassed clickfunnels in terms of users.  This is important to note because ClickFunnels has been the market leader in this space since 2014.  Now some may say the reason they have acquired so many users is  because Groovefunnels offers a free version of their software.
Although, this may be true, I think it’s actually a really smart business strategy and will definitely play a major role in remaining the market leader in the long term.
Why is this good for you?  Well for a few reasons…
Well, as I mentioned you can actually get a free account of the software.  Now this is not just a 7 or 14 day trial…
This is actually a free account that gives you access to a lite version of the products.
In fact, if you sign up right now, you will actually get access to 16 applications that make up Groovefunnels.
So what is the catch and what are they not telling me?  Well, I’ll get to that in a second,
but I’ll tell you the reason they are giving away free accounts is that they want to provide you with real value and they want to help you get your business up and running.   They know that if you sign up for their free accounts, eventually as your business grows you will want to upgrade to their paid options.  It’s really as simple as that.
Not only that, unlike Clickfunnels, they are not constantly trying to upsell you to a bunch of marketing courses and training.   In fact, Groovefunnels prides themselves on the fact that they provide all their digital marketing training for free.
Again, the thinking here is if they can provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to be successful, you will naturally want to use their tools and upgrade when the time is right for you.
So, there is a catch to all this and that is that Groovefunnels is technically still in Beta.  This means that many of their applications are still in development and yes there will be bugs.
Now, remember I told you I was going to reveal what the creators don’t want you to know…
Well, it’s not the fact that they are in beta, that is no secret, in fact  they are actually very upfront about the fact that they are in beta and it is actually part of their business strategy,
In fact, you can actually upgrade right now and get access to the entire platinum version of the software suite for a one time price.
So what are they not telling you?
What they are not telling you is how long they will actually be in Beta.  Now they are providing you with some projections, but based on what I have seen so far, it seems that they do have a ways to go.
Now, I think it’s fair to say that it’s not that they are trying to hide anything from you because when it comes to development, it is really hard to say when software will be 100% usable.  So, they honestly don’t really know but
I do think they are downplaying the fact that it could be in beta for quite awhile longer than they are letting on.  Possibly even years but again this is just speculation on my part.
So, what does this mean for you.. should you sign up for Groovefunnels?
Well, if you are just starting out and you just need a basic website or funnel builder, this will probably work just fine for you – even if you just stick with the free version and never upgrade.
On the other hand, If you already have a business that needs a solution that is working 100% and in all cylinders right now, then I would consider a competitor such click funnels or Kartra until it is out of beta.
However, if you want to invest on the future and can have faith that this is eventually going to be the best all in one solution bar none.
You should should definitely take advantage of the lifetime one time price for lifetime access.
It will absolutely save you a fortune in the future.  I took advantage of the lifetime deal myself because I believe in the product and the vision of Mike Filsaime and his team.
Personally, I am using it for some smaller funnels and just putting it aside and waiting until it’s ready for prime time.
Remember, you can always just sign up for the free account to get a feel for it and see if it’s something that is right for you and your business for now or in the future.
It’s 100% free and you have nothing to lose.  If not for anything else, you can sign up and take advantage of all the great free training that is included for free.  You can always upgrade later if the lifetime deal is still available.
You can find a link below in the description to get your free account.
► Get The Best New Funnel Builder For FREE! – https://www.digitalsynergy.com/gpgs