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In this video i am going to be talking about GrooveFunnels vs Kartra…. Ok so first I thing you should know is that GrooveFunnels (also known as) GroovePages was created by the same developers of Kartra…
A couple of years ago, he split with his partners over creative differences and since then used crowdfunding to raise almost $2Million dollars to build GrooveFunnels.
I’ll get more into GrooveFunnels shortly but for now lets talk about Kartra.. Kartra offers a suite of marketing tools to help you create sales funnels and market your products and services online.
It offers funnel templates, pre-built landing pages, video hosting, third-party integrations, email marketing and you get some great training resources directly from Frank Kern – a true marketing legend.
Now Kartra is a great platform and in many cases it actually beats ClickFunnels… however, in my honest opinion, i do not think it is going to be able to keep up with what GrooveFunnels has in store.
First of all, GrooveFunnels is built on the latest technology and does not rely on the same old outdated technology that Kartra, Clickfunnels or any other funnel builder relies on.
GrooveFunnels also uses Mobile first indexing, which is important for SEO because Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking your pages.
Mike Filsaime and his GrooveFunnels team is essentially rebuilding Kartra and Webinar Jam (which is his old webinar platform) and making it 100 times better with new technology and improving on mistakes they made with the previous frameworks.
The other reason, that makes GrooveFunnels a superior product to Kartra is that it offers truly FREE plans — these are not 7 or 14 day trials, these are real functioning access to the software absolutely free – No Credit Card Required.
So what can you get for FREE? First of all you get GroovePages which allows you to create professional landing pages, websites and funnels…
But is so much more than a simple funnel builder because with Groovepages, you can:
– Sell unlimited Products with Unlimited Funnels
– Build a functional brand website with full navigation
– Design powerful checkout options
– Boost product sales with 1-Click upsells
– Offer Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps
– Participate in one of the most powerful affiliate programs
You Also Get GrooveSell, which is a shopping cart platform that is similar to thrivecart, Paykickstart and sam cart.
With it, you can set up your online store to sell digital products and services and online courses.
The other marketing tool you get for free with Groovepages is Groove Affiliate, this allows you to recruit affiliate marketers to promote your online course or software
product and manage every aspect of your affiliate program.
Kartra on the other hand does not give you anything for free – they do have a 14 day trial that will cost you a dollar to start and then plans will start at $99.
As, I mentioned, you can jump in right now and get in for FREE — so that is a total no brainer… click on the link below to get in now But there is another opportunity they are offering and that is the ability to sign up for LIFETIME Access…
Watch the video to get the full scoop on Groovefunnels vs Kartra!
► Get The Best New Funnel Builder For FREE! –  https://www.digitalsynergy.com/gpgs