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Debbie Dunn Managing Director, The Brand Guild

Glen and his company are fantastic, and a pleasure to work with on all levels. I use them anytime I have the chance. They are quick, reliable, extremely fair in price and overall just really great guys!

Steve Wheeler President of The Wheeler Group Inc.

I have known Glen for over 20 years back to when he worked for me at one of my previous companies.  Subsequently I have worked with Glen at his own company and have always found him to be a hardworking, dedicated and very competent professional. I would welcome any inquiries as references for anything Glen is interesting in doing.

Nick Griffith Manager, Hold Cleaning Technologies

Glen Andrade leads an experienced and creative team of professionals at Digital Synergy. Glen has many years of experience in SEO and web design. I have seen significant results in our website traffic that has surpassed our expectations. Glen is an expert in the industry and is very dependable and reliable.

Joe AnzaiPrint Specialist, Accuprint

I have worked directly with Glen on quite many projects and have to say that I have always been very impressed with Glen's expertise, creativity and integrity. I value Glen's input and direction and look forward to many more years and many more projects with Glen at the helm

Nick Griffith Manager, Hold Cleaning Technologies

I formed a company which introduced a completely new product to a very mature international industry, marine dry bulk shipping. I needed a way to better present my product to select companies without travelling internationally, and without posting proprietary information on a website.  My clients and Iare very pleased with the results and I will continue to update it as my product line expands. 

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(Get Them Eating In More Often!)

Slow Night?  Get Busy
With A Push Of a Button

(Get Them Eating In More Often!)

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