In the Disney movie “Newsies” the lead female character, played by Ele Keats asks, “So what makes a good newspaper headline?” Christian Bale, a newspaper boy named Jack Kelly responds, “Uh you know, catchy words like maniac or corpse or love nest or nude.” The reason these words work well for headlines is because they catch people‚Äôs attention. Since this is the basic premise behind marketing, it makes logical sense that using similar striking techniques as “catchy words” will work well for online marketing. Here are a variety of ideas to help you with marketing.

Contests are always popular because everyone is interested in the chance to compete and win prizes. Some examples of contest promotions include the dress designing contest held this past summer by Shabby Apple Dresses, which gave the winner their designed dress and a cash prize. The beauty of this idea is its versatility and the potential for word-of-mouth advertising. Another example is California Tortilla, a Mexican burrito restaurant that offered a “year of free burritos” in addition to a cash prize for the person who could write the best advertisement for their new radio commercial.

“Almost every TV newscast, almost every newspaper does at least one story related to health and medicine every day.” By selling a product you can market as “ergonomical” or “helpful to the digestive system” or “prevents back strain”, you can capitalize on health related issues that affect everyone.

The magazines, blogs, sites, and tabloids devoted to celebrities and their lives are a testimony to the national interest in knowing all about celebrities. By having your product or service recommended or photographed with a celebrity you gain instant advertising appeal. Charity support is another technique that makes for effective marketing. Consider donating a portion your proceeds from a particular product or for a set time length in order to encourage sales.