FoursquareFoursquare – from humble beginnings as nothing more than a social networking application, the “check in” craze has allowed Foursquare to become a more useful tool than maybe anyone expected. Sure, “checking in” to different locations and updating to your social network feed is fun, but what about using Foursquare as an internet marketing tool?




Are there any internet users left that aren’t part of some type of social network? The odds are slim to none. So when you notice on your social feed that one of your good friends “Checked in at ‘New Restaurant X’ using Foursquare,” it immediately gets the brain ticking. How was the service? How was the quality of the meal? Was it expensive? Likely, the Foursquare user will also post a picture or comment with their “check in,” and these questions could all be answered by the contents. Not only is this ideal for the consumer, as they get a non-biased comment from a normal customer, but it is also ideal for the owner/corporation, because they just received some free marketing.
Options do not stop there. The location, whether it is a restaurant, retail store, coffee shop, etc., can add incentives for users “checking in” multiple times. 10 “check ins” may give you a free drink, or 50 may reward you with a discount coupon. Of all people using Foursquare, the person with the most “check ins” is titled “The Mayor.” This may include its own perks, such as larger coupons or more free items. What does this all boil down to? More free marketing, and more reasons that the location can entice people to return.


Foursquare recently added a new feature called “Explore.” This basically breaks down all the data from multiple “check ins,” and creates a comprehensive search engine for Foursquare users. Maybe you are visiting some relatives in a new city and would like to find the best night life location, but want to narrow that down to a place with zero negative comments? Or somewhere that a friend may have been when they were also visiting the city? Foursquare Explore makes that possible, giving the user a bevy of options to find the results they are looking for.
This comes in particularly handy if you are looking for a free marketing solution, as you can create your own Foursquare location for users to visit. If you own a small business that has quality products, people will “check in” and share this information with others, and you may find yourself at the top of the Foursquare Explore search results! That would be internet marketing that cost you absolutely nothing.


If you haven’t checked out Foursquare yet, then it’s definitely time to “check in.” What have you been missing, that is waiting out there to be discovered? Both a wonderful tool, and wonderfully fun, it should not be missed!