web marketing firmWhen you choose a web marketing firm, you should always look for one that employs white hat SEO methods. While black hat is able to produce thousands of links in a few hours, the links are generally poor, and tend to hurt your online reputation.



However, a white hat Web marketing firm will be much more effective when raising your rank and marketing your website. Here are five reasons why.

Reason1:Reputation Building

Have you ever seen a poorly spun article or scraper site that made you feel closer to a business? Probably not, because these black hat methods don’t care about the user experience. They just care about getting backlinks.

Have you ever felt closer to a business that has a powerful and insightful article, or a business with a wide reaching social networking presence? You probably have, because these white hat methods are more about building up a company as a likable entity, not as a spammer who is polluting the Internet.

Reason 2: People Actually Share Content

A black hat Web marketing firm usually tries to emulate sharing by setting up social network accounts that share content, but there are very few people that are really interested in what they are doing. However, white hat methods produce content that people want to see, making them interested in your business as a result.

Reason 3: Less Risk

When a black hat strategy is used, there is usually a good short-term response, but this only lasts until the search engines refine their algorithm to devalue the poor content. With a white hat Web marketing firm, there is much less risk of your website falling from its current rank.

Reason 4: White Hat Requires Less Work

If you rely black hat methods, then you constantly need to keep using those tactics to stay ahead of competitors. You need to keep pumping thousands and thousands of links to your website, and you need to work quickly to overcome any devalued content or links.

A white hat Web marketing firm creates content and links that are real, rarely devalued and provide you with real quality. You may have to send a few backlinks every now and then, or respond to a few comments, but there should be no serious work needed after the link is made.

Reason 5: Less Legal Problems

While there have not been many court cases against black hat marketers yet, the truth is that black hat tactics constantly go against search engine terms of service. Eventually, one can expect to see these tactics go from unethical to illegal.

With a white hat Web marketing firm, you will never have to worry about that.


While black hat marketing can push your website to the top within an hour with thousands of links, you have to constantly watch that website, and you have to do a lot of work and spend a lot of money to keep that position. However, white hat marketing is proven, effective and produces valuable content that people will want to see and share.