Part of the appeal of search engine optimization (SEO) is that it is always changing. The techniques that worked a year ago may not work the same way or have the same effects today. This transforming tendency means that SEO consultants and webmasters are some of the most creative individuals in the marketing and computer industry. Here are some of the trends you can expect to see over the next few months.

Many companies are beginning to consolidate their websites in an effort to build a more valuable and higher ranked site. For example, the National Crime and Punishment museum not only has information about the museum and ticket purchases on their site, they also have their gift shop and blog hosted there as well. This type of all-in-one package is becoming more popular for obvious reasons; it is easier to maintain and secure all the elements of your business from one location. According to Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media Inc., “With Google changing things at whim and social media sites challenging our privacy, [consolidation is] going to strengthen the sites that you do have complete control over.”

Another trend you will see gain an even bigger following is the mobile component of the internet. With the IPhone, Droid, and host of other “smartphones” on the rise and “the nation’s largest 3G” and “4G” networks competing to host faster and broader internet connections, people are surfing with their phones more than ever. Many websites will have to revamp the way their pages load to fit with this newer, smaller window of access. Local searches will also grow in number as people gain the ability to search for places near their location and read reviews before visiting the business.