SEO trends, use of SEO, search engine optimizationSince search engine optimization is a constantly developing form of enhancing your web site, there are constantly changing trends that mimic the way internet technology is emerging. Here are a few of the top trends for 2011.

With mobile internet becoming better and more available, mobile searches for local businesses, Twitter updates, and business reviews will begin to change the way brick and mortar companies do business. McDonalds has already begun to recognize this with their announcement of free wireless internet in all their branch locations.

The new vogue for criminal behavior is the emergence of blogs and websites that offer hacking “for SEO reasons”. This blatantly illegal conduct will force honest search engine optimization professionals to act extremely ethically in order to have credibility. Links will become less important. Since this is currently the backbone of most search engine optimization tactics, this is a big change. However with more statistical data available from Search Wiki, Google Chrome, and Google Analytics, web professionals will be able to measure sites based on actual popularity rather than links alone. “Rankings and PageRank will finally go the way of hits. Serious webmasters will care less and less for them and focus on real website success metrics.”

This trend has pretty much been fulfilled already with Google removing PageRank from Google Webmaster Tools in early October. Google’s monopoly over searches will become more and more evident over this next year. Some web experts are predicting Internet Explorer will be scrapped altogether as Google Chrome becomes the standard web browser.

With the economy still struggling, many companies are looking for creative advertising methods will identifiable, quantitative results. Since web and search engine marketing is so much more quantifiable than traditional methods of advertising, many companies will likely decrease television and print advertising in favor of “clearly defined ROI (return on investment)” marketing campaigns. In the beginning web advertising was comprised mostly of pay-per click (PPC) advertisements, but these will become less popular as longer-term techniques such as organic SEO and social media marketing become more advanced and effective. Search engine optimization will also undergo a fundamental change as “old school” tricks such as website tweaking and programming give way to more useful content creation and community building methods.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!