email marketing benefitsIn this age of social media, email marketing seems like an antiquated way of doing things. While Facebook and YouTube may be getting all the attention, email marketing can still be an effective way to reach your target audience.




It all comes down to content and growing a list that will generate results. It’s not about one being better than the other. In fact, the power of social media can make email marketing more effective than ever. A business-related conversation tends to be more effective when it’s relegated to a personal environment. You can’t get more personal than your in-box.

A Direct Line of Communication

Email is still the most direct form of communication when it comes to sales, especially with social networks becoming more and more crowded with messages that tend to be ignored when the intended target is preoccupied with interacting with friends, posting clips and other things people usually do via their social networks. Paying attention to a marketing message usually doesn’t rank high when it comes to priorities. Let’s start by looking at the benefits of email marketing.

• Cost-effective – According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has a Return On Investment (ROI) of 4,300%.

• Real-time Messages – Email marketing allows you to time messages to specific events, holidays or special occasions such as birthdays. Anything that builds a personal connection is beneficial.

• More Personal Approach – Using details such as your recipients name or login name and location makes emails more personal. If using a login name, change it to a customer’s actual name once you know that info.

• Ability to Control Messages – With emails, you can build a steady flow of communication at a controlled pace. You don’t want to overwhelm customers. The general recommendation is one email per week per customer, unless they are responding back for more information or with questions.

• Easy to Share – Emails are very easy to share. If a potential customer is at least interested in your message, they can easily forward it to friends. This is like having someone do the work for you.

• Ability to Test Campaigns/Messages – Email marketing allows you to test campaigns and ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. Unlike most other forms of marketing, it’s very easy to make adjustments.

Growing a Productive List with SEO Content Writing

The best way to grow a list for email marketing purposes is through content. Just bombarding potential customers with a bunch of sales pitches and annoying pictures or clip art doesn’t work. You’re not going to grow a list if your emails get marked as spam. You need to have content that provides valuable information. At the same time, your content should use strategic keywords and phrases. This comes in handy if your email content is posted in blogs. By incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) into your email content, you are preparing your content for web marketing by making it easier to find you on search engines. Good email content should include:

• Distinctive Voice – Avoid cliches and general statements. Getting to the point works best.
• Effective Subject Line – What’s the point of having good content if nobody even opens your emails?
• Niche Specific Content – The more focused your content is, the better.
• Social Media Icons – Adding social media icons to your email content is another way to promote sharing info.
• Contact Info – If somebody likes your content and wants to purchase your product or service, it helps to include specific contact info. This should include a contact name and possibly a phone number or personal email address.

Email Marketing Software

Sending email for marketing purposes often involves managing a large list of contacts. This can be time-consuming if you do it in traditional way. Email marketing software makes the job easier. There are choices when it comes to email marketing software. Some factors to consider when selecting which software is best for you include:

• Optimized delivery
• Social media integration
• Integration with different platforms such as Google Analytics, Twitter, and PayPal.
• Price
• Software limitations

The price of the plans offered when using email marketing software depends on factors such as how many emails you are sending and how often you are sending them. If you aren’t sure what type of software you need, look for software that offers a free test period. You can also find some free versions of software, but these usually have limitations such as restrictions on how many emails you can send. Once you start to get productive returns on your email marketing efforts, you can start to grow a list that gives you the results you’re look for.

If you need help with content or setting up email marketing software, Internet marketing companies or web design companies can help take care of the technical issues and the content. It’s an investment, but well-written content that is efficiently and effectively delivered with a solid ROI is a fair trade off. Consider monitoring your marketing efforts with a web market analysis that includes online competitor analysis to see what your competition is doing. With a little work, you can run an effective email marketing campaign where potential customers will not only receive your emails, but read them too.