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Corporate Capital has access to a multitude of funding partners with the most highly trained and experienced staff in the industry. We have a combination of unrivaled technology, proficiency in sales and customer service, and an aggregation/funding platform that covers the entire range of our financial products.

Leveraging Corporate Capital's aggregation and funding platform, as well as our funding concierge service, allows you be more efficient in getting customers the financing they need. With a dedicated in-house funder for every type of merchant situation, Aura’s partner team is able to tailor a solution to make your merchants smile. Build a solid book of loyal happy clients.

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      • Real-Time Reporting 
      • Capable of Funding Variety of Merchant Profiles
      • Multiple Funding Options

    • Full & Complete ISO Support
    • Funding options for nearly all business types and sizes
    • Dedicated ISO/Partner account manage

    • Co-branded marketing campaigns
    • Robust and real-time data reporting
    • Premium syndication availability for all ISO’s
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Merchant Partners and ISO's can generate substantial income through our ISO program.  Turn each client, referral or opportunity into income for yourself.  Simply sign up or call to speak to a loan representative.

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