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QR Codes are a Great Marketing Tool

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Many products are now sporting QR codes. These types of codes are very advantageous when it comes to boosting a business’ profit levels, because they are an excellent way to cram loads of business related information into a small amount of space. This makes QR codes a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal.   […]

Importance of NOT just relying on Google for traffic

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When people want to improve the number of visitors that their site receives, they usually look to search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their Google search engine ranking. While having a high Google rank does provide more traffic, depending only on Google for the success of a website is a bad idea at best. The fact is that Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithms and indexing systems. […]

Internet Marketing- Top Steps to Make SEO Work

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The way business is conducted is changing. Over the past several years, a variety of new and exciting innovations have transformed consumers to take a new approach to shopping. Without having to change out of their pajamas, they are now able to procure the things they desire quickly and easily on the Internet. Online Presence is a Must There are still many business owners who have not created their online presence. They are often the ones who have been in business for many years and not open to this change. The long-term effects are likely to prove detrimental.   […]

Email Marketing: How to Grow a List

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In this age of social media, email marketing seems like an antiquated way of doing things. While Facebook and YouTube may be getting all the attention, email marketing can still be an effective way to reach your target audience.       […]

How to Boost Profits with Email Marketing

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Email marketing is growing at a phenomenal rate. Just how fast is email marketing growing? Here’s what the experts say. Forrester’s® Interactive Marketing Forecast reports that American firms forked over $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011—and predicts that they’re going to spend almost a billion more than that by 2016.   […]

Negative SEO: Web Marketing Gone Bad

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Negative SEO is a relatively new idea, popping up in headlines all over the internet just last month. There is a lot of concern about it, and not much understanding, and website owners end up with a lot more questions than answers-what exactly is Negative SEO? How is it done? […]

Internet Marketing: Why Blog Networks Are Being De-Indexed from Google

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In the past months, several link building blog networks have been de-indexed by search engine giant, Google. Blog networks such as BuildMyRank.com have been completely shut down as a result.       […]

Link Building Tactics You May Not Have Heard Of

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In the day to day business of building an online presence, it’s not always easy to determine what your next move should be. When it comes to link building, this is especially true.       […]

What Any Good Web Marketing Firm Should Know

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As somebody who owns a modern business, you already know that web marketing should be a part of your strategy for customer growth. You also know that the most cost-effective way to accomplish this is usually to hire a web marketing firm, rather than waste the time and resources necessary to train an in-house marketing team.   […]

Web Marketing – Why You Should Experiment With PPC Even if it Isn’t Profitable

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The most ROI-centric among you may already be dashing for the back button, but read through the article and you’ll understand why even a negative-profit PPC campaign can be good for your bottom line.       […]