SEO – What Is Paid Inclusion?

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Paid inclusion is a service that some search engine companies offer companies seeking to see better SEO results. A search engine company will charge fees to include your website in their search index.

3 Link Building Secrets That Will Improve Your Website Ranking

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Getting on top of search engine results depends on your on-page and off-page optimization strategies. On-page optimization refers to work done on your website to help in ranking while off-page optimization refers to works done outside the website.

Establishing Your Company as a Brand

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What is a brand? Is it a logo that everyone recognizes? Is it the jingle a business uses for their commercials? Is it their website? The colors they use? Brand Navigation's Principal and Creative Director, Bill Chiaravalle sums up the idea of a brand in one simple sentence, "brands are promises that consumers believe in."

Small Businessess and Twitter

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Many small businesses wonder if Twitter is useful for them. The answer is a resounding yes! Twitter is far more than an instant messaging forum where people can "tweet" what they are doing. It is a valuable platform for businesses to connect with customers, inform people of changes, new products, or bargains on your products, and get feedback and answer questions from customers.

Tools for Twitter

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Twitter is not just a social site where people can tweet about their status all day long; it is also a valuable marketing and business tool that many companies are just beginning to see the significance of. Here are several tools that you can use along with Twitter for marketing, statistics, easier communication with your customers, etc.

Why link building is a “must have” web marketing strategy for your online business

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By now, you should all be starting to realize that search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for business survival and a key component of SEO is link building. With the Internet only increasing in importance as an advertising and sales tool, to ignore the online potential of your business is foolish. In 2008, Internet retail sales reached 204 billion dollars and are climbing steadily every year. […]

The Importance of link building

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If the internet was a human body, links would be the arteries and veins. Just like human blood pumps through arteries and veins and keeps the body moving, links are the way to get from place to place on the internet. With this is mind, it makes sense that you would want to increase the number of links coming to your site. After all, if you only had one vein running into your hand, it would be pale and lifeless from lack of circulation. Similarly, your website needs the “life” of constant traffic in order to function successfully. […]