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SEO Is Not Dead!

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The constantly changing nature of search engine optimization has led many frustrated webmasters to say that SEO is dead simply because it is not the same animal that it was just a half decade ago. […]

Seven Tips for Improving your Google Ranking Through Good SEO

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Having a decent ranking on search engines like Google can make the difference between success and failure for online businesses. The easiest way to improve your search engine ranking is through good SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. […]

SEO: How to Improve your Search Marketing After The Latest Google Updates

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Over the past few months, Google has made a series of updates to its search algorithm that has changed the way webmasters perform their search engine marketing. In order to successfully run a search engine optimization campaign for […]

Internet Marketing: How to Differentiate Between SEO and SEM

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Using various Internet marketing tactics is a wonderful way to drive targeted traffic to your website. Two of the most popular Internet marketing methods are SEM and SEO. These two methods can drive a lot of traffic to your website, allowing to you instantly […]

Should You Use the Google Disavow Tool?

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The Google Disavow tool is a relatively new feature in the Google world of webmasters. However, the tool has the potential for great destruction if it is improperly used. Although webmasters now have the power to tell Google to ignore any links that may be weighing down on their search engine optimization efforts, the fact that no one knows exactly how Google uses this information […]

3 Essential Digital Marketing Trends

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Professionals and business owners may find it useful to reflect regularly upon both the opportunities and challenges to be faced ahead for online marketing. ¬†There is no doubt that the most impact for Internet marketing is the digital landscape that has provided so many new strategies to utilize. ¬†From social media to mobile marketing, the possibilities are endless. […]

4 Tips To Localize Your Content

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As more people begin using search engines to find local businesses and services, many search engines have begun to focus on localized content. This means that when someone searches for “pizza delivery,” their top results will include the websites of local restaurants. Webmasters can take advantage of the promotion of local results by localizing their content so that they […]

Using Analytics Data To Improve SEO Practices

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If you are familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), you are probably aware of the fact that it goes far beyond simply creating keyword content for your website. SEO also involves everything from how your HTML and website coding is written to the number and quality of backlinks you have. Since there are an enormous number of factors that are […]

5 Tips to a Profitable PPC Campaign

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of Internet advertising that allows you to drive very targeted traffic to your website. However, many people ignore it because it is not free like search engine optimization (SEO) is. What people frequently forget is that SEO can take weeks or even months to begin driving traffic to a website, […]

15 Ways to Improve You SEO For Your Business

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SEO techniques are essential to getting your business website noticed in search results. The higher you rank, the more likely potential customers are to see you. Using a few simple techniques, you can optimize your website and begin to see better search rankings. […]