Organic Search vs Paid Search With Google

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In this video, I am going to talk to you about organic search vs paid search with Google.... [...]

SEO: How to Improve your Search Marketing After The Latest Google Updates

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Over the past few months, Google has made a series of updates to its search algorithm that has changed the way webmasters perform their search engine marketing. In order to successfully run a search engine optimization campaign for […]

Should You Use the Google Disavow Tool?

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The Google Disavow tool is a relatively new feature in the Google world of webmasters. However, the tool has the potential for great destruction if it is improperly used. Although webmasters now have the power to tell Google to ignore any links that may be weighing down on their search engine optimization efforts, the fact that no one knows exactly how Google uses this information […]

5 Tips to a Profitable PPC Campaign

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of Internet advertising that allows you to drive very targeted traffic to your website. However, many people ignore it because it is not free like search engine optimization (SEO) is. What people frequently forget is that SEO can take weeks or even months to begin driving traffic to a website, […]

The Rich Snippet, A Webmasters Tool

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A rich snippet is tool that Google introduced to help structure the way that a search result is displayed. It is a concept that is a little difficult for some people to get a handle on, but it is really not that bad. First, a user should understand that using rich snippets […]

Importance of NOT just relying on Google for traffic

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When people want to improve the number of visitors that their site receives, they usually look to search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their Google search engine ranking. While having a high Google rank does provide more traffic, depending only on Google for the success of a website is a bad idea at best. The fact is that Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithms and indexing systems. […]

3 Ways Landing Page Optimization Improves Your PPC Campaign

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Whether your Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is not delivering the revenue you had expected, or you simply want to find ways to generate more revenue with the same ad spend, optimizing your landing pages can kick your PPC campaigns into overdrive and dramatically increase your return on investment.     […]

How to Work with the Transition from Google Places to Google+ Local

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Ever since the initial 2011 release of Google’s new social networking product, known as Google+, the company has been busy turning virtually every one of its digital properties into robust social media components which are far more friendly to SEO. The latest in a long string of conversions to the Google+ brand made by the company is the sunsetting of its popular Google Places feature.       […]

SEO Companies: How Hiring SEO Companies can Help your Site Through the Panda and Penguin Updates

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In an effort to help provide better search results to their users, Google has implemented two separate search algorithm updates in recent weeks. These updates, known as Panda and Penguin in the search engine optimization world, have played a significant role in changing the landscape of the search engine optimization industry.     […]

Internet Marketing: Why Blog Networks Are Being De-Indexed from Google

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In the past months, several link building blog networks have been de-indexed by search engine giant, Google. Blog networks such as BuildMyRank.com have been completely shut down as a result.       […]