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In this video we are going to talk about the top  5 best affiliate marketing programs that offer the highest paying commissions.
Also, make sure you stay until the end because I am also going to reveal the easiest way for you to promote your affiliate programs with free traffic.
The way affiliate marketing works is relatively simple… you choose a niche you want to go after, you sign up with an affiliate program for a particular product or service in that niche and you basically promote that product with a unique URL link.
When someone purchases your product through your link, you earn a commission. This sounds easy enough, but the trick to making money is being able to get people to see your link so that they can make a purchase.
In the video, I tell you exactly how to drive free traffic to your products, so make sure to check that out, but for now I want to tell you about the best affiliate marketing programs with my top 5 list of the highest paying affiliate programs on the market.
Now before I do that, I want to let you know that my top 5 list of the best affiliate marketing programs applies to the digital marketing niche,
which is what my personal niche is – and I know that many other people are in this niche, because it can be very lucrative.
However, I also know this may or may not apply to you so I wanted to provide you with  a couple of quick resources that will allow you to find the best affiliate programs that apply to your niche.
So the first resource I want to point you to is a site called:  affiliate.watch 
Another site you can use is:
Now, probably the best way to find an affiliate program for you niche is to just do a Google search for your specific niche
Ok so lets go ahead and get to the top 5 best affiliate marketing programs that pay the highest commissions –
So the first affiliate program on the list is a site called:
  1. Big Commerce
This site is an online store builder that hosts thousands of e-commerce stores all over the world.
It serves a large range of industries, including food, health, fashion and automotive.
When you refer a customer to Big Commerce, you earn 200% of the initial payment ,which is $500 or $1500 for an enterprise plan.
  1. WP Engine
This is another great program because there are millions of websites on the Internet and over 30% of them are built on WordPress.
WP Engine provides super-fast web hosting websites around the globe.
When someone signs up with your affiliate link, you earn $200 per sign up or 100$ of the customers first payment (which ever is higher).
They also provide you with exclusive affiliate discounts you can offer to your visitors.
You can also get paid $50 for every affiliate you sign up – so you can take advantage of a 2-tiered commission payout.
  1. Teachable
Selling information online is a booming industry and you can take advantage of this by becoming an affiliate for teachable.
Teachable is a site that allows you to create and sell online courses.  The currently have over 18 million students and 186,000 active courses.
It is definitely one of the most reputable e-learning platforms on the market.
This is an awesome program because it pays 30% recurring commission of the monthly subscription fees.
Plans range from $29 to $499 per month.  Which means you can earn up to $150 per month from just one referral.
  1. GrooveFunnels
So GrooveFunnels is probably one of my favorites right now because they are on track to becoming the number 1 website builder and funnel builder on the market.
But they are actually way more than that, they are an all in one platform, which provides you with everything you need to sell products and services online.
This platform includes, e-commerce platform, memberships sites, video platform, survey, calendars, help desk and lots more.
They pay 20-40% commission depending on which plan you are on.  Plus they also have 2-tier commissions so you get paid on an affiliates you sign up under yourself.
This is really a great platform to promote because its an easy sell, because they basically give you access to most of their products for FREE!
I’ll also provide a link below in the description so you can sign up for their free account!
Ok so the last affiliate program i want to tell you about is:
  1. Affiliate Tube Success Academy
So, this is an affiliate program for an online course that teaches you how to get red hot buyers on top of Google and Youtube.
Remember I told you I was going to reveal the easiest and fastest way to promote your affiliate products?
Well, this is it.  This is a robust training course that teaches you how to promote. your affiliate products using free organic traffic.  So you never have to pay for advertising again.
Whats great about this program is that you can promote it even if you do not purchase the product.
However, I can tell you from experience you are going to want to get this course if you are serious about affiliate marketing.
I have purchased this myself and I have already made over $3000 in just 4 short months.
This pays a huge 40% commission if you are an academy member or 20% if not a member.
Either way it’s a pretty hefty commission.  In fact, I just made my first $1100 dollar day, which I’m extremely psyched about!
I’m going to provide a link below in the description where you can learn more about this program.
It’s a totally free training where my mentor Paul Murphy goes over his simple 5 step process for getting your affiliate products to rank #1 in Google and Youtube.
You really need to check out this free training if you are serious about affiliate marketing… so go ahead, click on the link below.
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