Bad Advertising Doesn't Work!Advertising is part of the internet experience. Many ads work better than on other media outlets because they can be targeted to a specific audience. However, there are still invasive techniques that some web developer’s use that will drive traffic away from your website. “[I]f web users are annoyed by ads when they visit a website, they will transfer that annoyance onto the site that hosts them, and also the brand which is using them to advertise.” Using invasive means of advertising is really not worth the cost. Here are five examples of annoying advertising methods.
Advertising pages that show before the content of your site is annoying. Although some sites allow you to optionally skip the ad, it reflects badly both on the sponsor of the ad as well as the site that is hosting it. One blogger calls it “very, very cheap.”
“Possibly more annoying than pop-ups,” overlays are ads that pop up in the same window over the content a visitor is trying to access. “[T]hey obscure the articles you are trying to read and ruin the user experience. To continue reading the article you want, you are forced to hunt for the ‘x’ or the ‘close this ad’ link, which gets harder to find all the time, despite the IAB’s efforts in promoting best practice within these rubbish ads.” Since overlays often cause people to simply hit the back button rather than continually get rid of overlay ads, some publishers no longer use them as much.
“There’s nothing wrong with audio in video ads, but the user must be in control.” When an ad starts playing automatically, I assume one of two things, the sponsor thinks I am too lazy to hit play in which case I will not watch the ad because they assume I am lazy or they believe the ad wasn’t interesting enough for me to click on it in the first place in which case I will not watch the ad because the sponsors don’t consider it interesting. Audio that plays automatically to me smacks of a desperate advertiser with a poor product. “Advertisers may think that this helps to grab the attention of the user and encourage them to watch the video ad. I suspect many users will be so annoyed that they’ll simply move on to another site.”

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!