Linkedin Lead Generation:

We specialize in lead generation by leveraging multiple inbound marketing strategies such as Email marketing, Social Media, Sales Funnels and LinkedIn to attract prospects into your marketing funnel.  We’ve have been helping all types of clients generate leads for almost 20 years including entertainment studios, doctors, lawyers as well as public agencies.   The market is constantly changing proving us with new opportunities for lead generation.  We utilize a proprietary strategy for getting “highly targeted” prospects to the top your your sales funnel, and by following up with these leads using marketing automation, we are able to convert a high percentage of these new connections into viable leads.

It’s All About Social Selling

As you know, building relationships with new prospects is the best way to turn them into new clients.  Utilizing LinkedIn, we are able to identify your most ideal prospects every month, and work them through a process that breaks down barriers, gets through gatekeepers and gets you on the phone with your ideal target prospect, really whoever your ideal prospect is, we can reach them.

We’ve seen great success using our methodology and the reason is simple:

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  • Old school marketing tactics just don’t work that well anymore.
  • There is a virtually limitless pool of prospects on LinkedIn that we can tap into
  • When compared to other news and business websites, LinkedIn’s monthly reach amongst C-suites far exceeds that of the The Wall Street Journal, CNN and Forbes.
  • LinkedIn attracts the highest number of business “purchase” decision makers with high net worth and big purchasing budgets (47% of the Business elites and 45% of the most senior:  the C-Suites).
  • Our system allows you to grow your business, generating more leads with clear ROI
  • It helps position you as a thought leader and maintains tope of mind positioning for your brand in the minds of thousands of prospects.

LinkedIn Lead Generation to Grow Your Business!

Digital Synergy is a highly focused and experienced web marketing agency serving various markets all across the country since 1997.  We deliver results-driven web marketing solutions — from quality LinkedIn lead generation to conversion optimization, social selling and sales funnels; we’ve got you covered when it comes to Internet marketing.  Our marketing services leverage the latest digital technology, combining it together with the hottest trends in the industry and custom tailoring them for every client.  

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