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Mobile Ready Websites: Why they are Important to Your Business

By |Mobile Marketing, Search Marketing, Web Development, Web Marketing|

The majority of mobile phones sold are Internet ready. What this means is that a very large number of people have the capability to access the Internet and your business website from their mobile phone. Unfortunately, if your business has not chosen to stay updated […]

The Rich Snippet, A Webmasters Tool

By |Google, Web Analytics|

A rich snippet is tool that Google introduced to help structure the way that a search result is displayed. It is a concept that is a little difficult for some people to get a handle on, but it is really not that bad. First, a user should understand that using rich snippets […]

Subdomains, Subdirectoires, And Seo, The Real Story

By |Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

When it comes to SEO, there is a constant debate over which is better, subdomains or subdirectories. The simple fact is that there is no easy answer to this question. There are easy answers for some sites that already exist, […]

SEO is Only the Beginning of Successful Search Engine Marketing

By |Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing|

The world of online business is fraught with misinformation regarding search engine marketing. Sometimes it feels like everyone you meet on the Internet has a thousand little tricks that are guaranteed to increase traffic, improve conversion ratios and send a blog post viral across the Web for a low, low fee. There’s no shortage of self-proclaimed experts when it comes to working from home, but the ratio of true professionals to overconfident amateurs is astonishingly low. One of the fastest ways to pick out the knowledgeable from the chaff is to ask an individual about his or her search engine marketing strategy.   […]

8 Ways To Tell Your Online Reputation Is In Trouble!

By |Reputation Marketing, Social Media, Web Marketing|

No matter what you do, from the freelance writer who just self-published a book to the multinational corporate Goliath, businesses want people to buy and discuss their products online. Online reviews are what drive consumer to, or away from, […]

Text Marketing Will Boost Profit Levels

By |Web Marketing|

There are many advantages related to using text marketing. For starters, this type of advertising can be implemented through the use of web marketing; meaning you can send out text messages via the Internet. With the push of a button, you can send millions of consumers a text message to their cell phones or e-mail in which they will find out about great info that is in regards to what your business is offering them.   […]

QR Codes are a Great Marketing Tool

By |Social Media, Web Marketing|

Many products are now sporting QR codes. These types of codes are very advantageous when it comes to boosting a business’ profit levels, because they are an excellent way to cram loads of business related information into a small amount of space. This makes QR codes a great marketing tool to have in your arsenal.   […]

Importance of NOT just relying on Google for traffic

By |Google, Web Marketing|

When people want to improve the number of visitors that their site receives, they usually look to search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their Google search engine ranking. While having a high Google rank does provide more traffic, depending only on Google for the success of a website is a bad idea at best. The fact is that Google is constantly changing their search engine algorithms and indexing systems. […]

Mobile Marketing: 5 Strategies to Employ without Breaking the Bank

By |Search Engine Optimization, Web Design|

The use of smart phones and mobile devices is growing considerably. As a matter of fact, many people prefer smart phones and mobile devices to their computers. Since this is the case, it is essential that you do whatever possible to make yourself accessible to mobile users. You can do this without breaking the bank by employing the 5 below mobile marketing strategies.   […]

Link Building: Top Strategies That Ensure Success

By |Link Building, Search Marketing|

As of late, there has been some argument as to whether or not link building is dead. This has especially been the case since the search engines seem to be cracking down on which search engine marketing techniques can be used. Though building links is a hotly debated subject, it is by no means dead.     […]