Hi this is Glen Andrade from Digital Synergy and welcome to my Affiliate Tube Success Academy Review.
In this video, I’m going to rate this course based on 6 important factors, of what makes for a good online course.
This is part one where I give my review based on these factors and I’ll give each factor a rating from zero to 5 stars.
So be sure to watch part 2 where I will show you real time results I am getting as well as results from Paul and others using this system.
Ok so if you found this video, it means you are interested in learning more about Paul Murphy and his Affiliate Tube Success Academy…
It’s a robust training developed by Paul Murphy who has essentially cracked the code when it comes to getting free traffic on Youtube and Google.
Also, If you found this video from a search on Youtube or Google, it is direct proof that this system works — as I am now using this system to rank all my videos!
Just so you know, I have personally purchased this product as I only like to review products that we have first hand experience with…
So, keep in mind, in my next video (Part 2) I will give you a more in depth sneak peak (inside the course) along with case studies –
So make sure to watch that — for now lets talk about the Pros and Cons…
#1 – Is Course Easy to Understand?
First thing I want to mention is that this course is very robust and that is a great thing…
because I have purchased many courses where I was really disappointed because there was not much substance to the course materials.
With ATSA, which it is also know as – that is certainly not the case.
There are actually 10 modules, loaded with lots of information inside each module…
you wont be disappointed in the amount of content you get.  The quality is also great as it seems Paul does not hold anything back and wants you to succeed.
The only negative thing I would say on this topic is — and this is not Pauls fault — is for me personally, his English Accent takes a little getting used to —
however I asked some other people what they thought and they did not really have any issue with it, so it may just be me.
The other constructive criticism I would like to give is that there are some areas in the course that overlaps — this can be a little confusing but not a deal killer.
Also, Paul and his team are aware of this and they are fixing this issue.  Apparently, the reason for this is because they have merged various courses together to increase the value and they just need to clean it up a bit.
So for the first factor in terms of easy to understand,
I will give it 3.5 stars our of 5
#2 Is instructor readily available?
The answer to this is a big yes!  I was very impressed when I initially purchased the product and I had a list of questions,
Paul responded to me within 24 hours and answered every singe one in detail.  Also, Paul has 2 weekly Q&A trainings per week —
so you can ask anything on those webinars on Tuesdays and Thursdays, this is really great to have this kind of support.
For support and availability, I’ll give it 5 Stars
#3 Instructors Level of Expertise & Passion
An important factor for determining how good a training course is how well the instructor knows his topic and how passionate he is about it.
If you watch any of Paul Murphys training, you can see right away just how passionate and excited he is about what he is teaching…. Let me give you a quick sample
it genuinely seems like he really loves teaching and there is no doubt that he is doing what he teaches and getting amazing results.
He does not just talk about how to do his strategy, he implements and shows us tons of proof that it simply works.
So for expertise level and passion, I give it 5 Stars!
#4 Is Course Sequenced Logically & Easy to Navigate?
Ok so here, I think it could use a little work — as I mentioned earlier, they have some content that overlaps and duplicate content is multiple sections…
for some this may not be any issue as it could serve as a refresher by reviewing some content in the course again, but for me I like a little more structure.
However, as I also mentioned, Paul is actually already taking massive steps in fixing this and I can see the progress coming along already.
So for this point, I will give it 4 stars.
#5 Keep Course Up to Date
This is probably one of the most important factors for me — when evaluating a course —
especially for a course about ranking on Google and Youtube because things change on an ongoing basis and it’s extremely important to have the latest content.   5 stars
From what I have seen so far, Paul really excels at this and makes sure to let us know anytime there are changes that affect his system and updates his course accordingly.  For this, I give it 5 Stars
#6 Is it Actionable
I know many people suffer from the syndrome where they get stuck on just listening to training and not taking action…
With Affiliate Tube Success Academy, you won’t have that problem because if you follow the course step by step,
you will keep progressing and it really is a rinse and repeat process once you have the system down, which does not take that long to learn.
Honestly, this is one of the few courses I’ve ever taken that was really simple to implement and where i could see results almost immediately.
Thats the greatest part because you can get your videos up and start ranking right away and start building authority to your channel –
its very motivating and keeps you motivated to continue and follow all the way throughEas
5 stars
Ok so that will do it for part 1 of my Affiliate Success Academy Review,
please stay tuned to watch part 2 coming up.
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