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In this video, I want to show you my top 3 affiliate marketing website examples and how to make money online with affiliate marketing- please watch the video for all the details.
I get a lot of questions from people asking if I can show some affiliate marketing website examples so I put together a list of 3 top affiliate marketing websites.
The thing I want to mention about this is that yes most people think that they have to create a website to start affiliate marketing, but the truth is you don’t and stay tuned because I’ll tell you how you can do affiliate marketing to make money on line without a website in a moment – so hang on for that….
For now, let’s look at some websites to give you an idea of what others are doing to make money online with affiliate marketing websites.
The first affiliate marketing website example I want to show you is:
Survival Life:  This site is owned by one of the top digital marketers in the business (Ryan Deiss) and back in 2014 he posted a blog stating that he was making 1 million in sales every month.
They make money with the site through a mix of in-house offers, affiliate offers and premium subscriptions.
A conservative estimate of commissions made from affiliate marketing is 10%, which would be $100,000
Next example is:  This is Why I’m Broke
This is a great site because it showcases some of the coolest gifts, gadgets and tech stuff from Amazon and around the web.  A lot of these products are  fun or gag products that people love to buy.
Statistics from Amazon say this site is making about s$20,000 per month
The 3rd example is:  The WireCutter
So the wirecutter is a great example of a top notch review site.  They provide high quality reviews from independent reviewers.   They understand the importance of having great quality content on the site and some of their articles are over 5,000 words.
Based on some statistics from 2015, it shows that this site make $150 million in sales.
Now, obviously there is a ton of money that can be made with affiliate marketing by creating a website, but I wanted to show you an easier way…
You don’t need to get a domain name, you wont need, web hosting, you don’t need to design a website and you certainly don’t need to write 5,000 word article posts.
So how do you do you make money without affiliate marketing without a website?
Well, you simply create a youtube channel and promote your affiliate links using your videos…
Now, I know most people are afraid of Youtube because they are afraid being on camera, but guess what?
You do not need to be on camera – just like this video and there is simple drop and drag software that helps you create great looking videos.
Watch the video for all the details!