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In this video we are going to talk about
Affiliate marketing vs Amazon FBA —  and make sure to watch the video until the end because I’m going to tell you what best way to make money online.
If you are looking to make money online, you definitely need to look at affiliate marketing vs Amazon FBA.
If you are not sure what Amazon FBA is or Affiliate marketing – don’t worry, I’ll tell you all you need to know.
So these are both viable methods for making money online.  However, there are some major differences that you should be aware of.
Affiliate marketing is simply the method where you promote other peoples products or services online,
typically by creating a website, using social media or using an email list and where you earn an affiliate commission for the sales.
Amazon FBA on the other hand involves you creating and selling your own products, where you sell them via the Amazon website and you utilize Amazons FBA program,
which stands for Fulfilled By Amazon – so they take care of storing. your inventory and shipping your products for a fee.
Now, for me, I prefer the affiliate marketing strategy for making money online  – The reason is simply because there are many more advantages in favor of  affiliate marketing vs Amazon FBA in my opinion and i’ll tell you why….
Lets look at Some advantages of Affiliate marketing first:
Easy to get started – you can get started with little to no money and you really only need to focus on marketing or promoting the product or service.
Laptop Lifestyle – you can basically work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and an internet computer.
High Income potential – There is a real potential to make some serious income even from just promoting one product –
in fact, one of my mentors is making over 1.5 Million per year promoting one product – ill tell you more about that in a moment so stay til the end…
Tap into Billion Dollar Industry – Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry, its growing and not going anywhere
The disadvantages of affiliate marketing for me are not so bad:
Market saturation – depending on the niche you go into, for the most popular and lucrative markets, there is a lot of competition, mostly because it’s so easy to get started.
Revenue Fluctuations – unless you set up your business to come from recurring income streams, the income may not always be stable and have lots of fluctuations.
Lack of control – Since you are promoting products and services from third party vendors, you have to abide by the vendors rules.
Now lets compare Affiliate marketing to Amazon FBA
So, first the advantages of Amazon FBA
DFY – The shipping process is made easy because Amazon takes care of this for you.  Also, they take care of any customer service issues in regards to shipping and returns, so this is less work and headaches you need to worry about
Ship With Prime – Any customers that are part of amazons prime program, get the added benefit of free shipping, which works in your favor for getting more sales
Disadvantages of Amazon FBA
Cost – although having amazon take care of your shipping, customer service and returns, it does come at a price.
the cost for fulfillment adds up and can get quite expensive at the end of the day it takes away from your profit margins.
Product returns –  because amazon makes the shipping process very efficient, it also make it very easy for people to make returns.  This can often lead to quick impulse buys and resulting in more product returns.
Strict guidelines – there can be quite a steep learning curve to get everything set up and running smoothly with the FBA program.
Inventory management – if you are selling a large number of products or multiple items, it can be challenging to keep track of.
Another disadvantage to consider with amazon FBA,  before you even send any products to Amazon for fulfillment, you need to either create your own product, get it manufactured,
create a brand, buy inventory upfront – so this is probably the biggest hurdle as there is a large start up costs.
So to sum it up..  And you should know, I have done both methods….I would say…  Amazon FBA is definitely more of high risk,
Mostly because of all the work and money you need to put in for creating the products and purchasing inventory.
Whereas, Affiliate marketing is better suited for anyone that does not want to invest a ton of money upfront and wants to get started very quickly.
Again, the method you choose for making money online really depends on your specific circumstances,
how much you are willing to invest in terms of money and time and what your risk level you feel most comfortable with.
Now, if you are like me, you will agree that affiliate marketing is probably the easiest way to get started with little upfront costs.
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