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In this video, I am going to talk to you about affiliate marketing:  how to get started to make money on Youtube.
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Ok so if you are watching this video – you obviously want to learn more about affiliate marketing & how to get started to make money on youtube.
That’s great and your in the right place…
So,  I’m going to tell you how to get started with the easiest and the fastest method to making money on youtube with affiliate marketing.
Ok so there are 4 main things you need in order to get started with affiliate marketing for youtube.
  1. Choose Niche / Product to promote
The first thing, you need is a product to promote.  This will depend on the niche you want to go into.
The best way to choose a product is by picking something that you are knowledgeable about and it is best if you have experience using the product or service.
This will allow you to give a honest sincere reviews about the product and this will come across in your videos and translate into more sales.
There are tons of affiliate programs out there and you can find an affiliate. program for just about any product.
There are lots of sites dedicated to affiliate programs, such as Amazon, share a sale, clickbank and tons more,
but one of the easiest way to find an affiliate program is to simply google it for your niche.  For example:
So lets say you were in the camping niche.  you could simply type in:
“camping affiliate program”
Watch video for demo on this.
  1. Create a Youtube Channel
Once you have decided on your niche and you find the product you want to promote, you simply just need to create a youtube channel.
All you need is a gmail email account and you are good to go.  It’s free to set up and it literally just takes a couple of minutes.
It’s very easy to set up an account and works like most social media platforms to set up.
Basically, you just set up a username and password, provide your mobile number, birthday and current email.  Agree to terms and services etc and you are good to go.
Once, you create your channel you will want to upload a profile photo and channel art.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this sort of thing, you can go to Fiverr and have someone do this for you for just $5.
Make sure you optimize your channel for your visitors as well as for Youtube such as populating the about us section and links to your website and other social media platforms.
  Please check out some of my other videos on my channel for more details on how to do this.
  1. Create Videos
In order to be successful with affiliate marketing on Youtube, you will need to create good quality content.
Now, if you are afraid of being on camera, do not worry, there are lots of ways to create videos without ever having to be on camera.  The type of videos will depend on your niche and your product –
There are a variety of different types of videos on youtube but I want to mention a few that generally work well with affiliate marketing:
Product reviews – this is when you provide a video review about specific products and services and give good in depth analysis about it
How to tutorial – this type of video provides potential customers a hands on view of how a product works and how it can work for them
Best of – this is where you present your affiliate product alongside other competitors to draw in potential customers for being considered as one of their best options
  1. Marketing to drive traffic
   Ok so this is by far the most important step in the process for making money with affiliate marketing.
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