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In this video, I am going to be talking about affiliate marketing digital products and the 4 biggest benefits to marketing digital products as an affiliate. If you are an affiliate marketer or you are planning on getting into affiliate marketing, then I can tell you that selling digital products is the easiest and best place to start.

Digital products are any products that you can sell that are informational in nature and is simply not a physical product. Some examples of this include, ebooks, online courses, PDFs, Audio files and anything that can be delivered in a digital format.

There are many advantages to selling digital products when you are first starting in affiliate marketing and today we are going to be talking about the top 4 benefits to promoting digital products….

#1 LOW BARRIER OF ENTRY Selling digital products definitely is the easiest to get started with and even a complete beginner can get going in just a few days or even sooner.

The only thing you need to do is decide on your the niche you want to get into, find the best affiliate program, sign up get your affiliate links and drive traffic to it; this means that you need to have have a platform to post your affiliate links too so that your ideal customers can find you.

Honestly, driving traffic is the hardest part about affiliate marketing or really any online business, but don’t worry I’ll be telling you how you can drive traffic to your affiliate links for free in just a little while.

#2 NO INVENTORY As opposed to physical product, digital products do not require a garage or warehouse to store your inventory. When ever someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases your product, the buyer will get access to the digital product via a direct download. So you don’t need to worry about any Inventory, cost of goods or shipping fees. This saves you tons of money that you would otherwise need upfront and avoids a lot of inventory nightmares.

#3 NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES Another advantage of affiliate marketing especially with digital products, is that since you are dealing with digital information, there really is not a lot of problems that can be found.

Any questions or issues related to the product are always handled by the product owner so it’s basically out of your hands after they make the purchase. As an affiliate for any product, you are basically acting as the middle man that is promoting the product, any issues are handled directly with the Merchant.

#4 HIGHER PROFIT MARGINS This is the last benefit our our list, but it is actually one of my favorites because when you are an affiliate for digital products, you can expect your commissions for each sale much higher than physical products or services.

Some affiliate programs offer commissions as high as 90%. Typically you can expect anywhere from 50-90%. One great place to find affiliate programs in the digital space is Clickbank. Please watch the video for more details.