importance of web design, how to design a great websiteDo you look at your website and feel that there is something wrong? Are you getting traffic that is not converting? If your website is not converting well, there might be something wrong with it that can be resolved quickly. Below are 5 common mistakes that your website may have.

1) Browser Compatibility
Your website design may be great but it may not appear well in multiple browsers. When designing your site, it is good to make it compatible with at least the three major browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Check your website’s compatibility with different browsers at a site like, which is a free site.

2) Unreadable Text Font
While you may have good articles in your website, can your visitors read the font you have used? Use fonts that are easily readable. In fact, the less fancy the font is, the better for conversions. Your website copy should deliver information to your visitors without them straining to read fancy fonts.

3) Website Navigation
Your visitors should be able to navigate easily through your website. Important links like product descriptions, contact and buy pages should be easy to find. In fact, every page should be accessible from every page and you should not have any links that a visitor needs to click more than 3 links deep to get to.  Provide good information and make it as simple and concise as possible.  Your web navigation should not only be intuitive and easy to use for  your visitors, but you also need to ensure that it is SEO friendly and optimized well for the search engines so you can get high rankings and increase the traffic to your website.

4) Color Scheme
Your color scheme may be chasing your visitors away. The color scheme should reflect your type of business. For example, financial institutions use conservative dark colors while sites targeting teenagers use a vibrant color mix. Strike a balance on the colors you should use. If in doubt, using colors sparingly will always work.  Remember, always consider your target market!

5) Overshadowed Call to Action
Your call to action should be visible and placed on nearly every page. Do not hide it in its own page as customers may miss it. On the page, make sure you put your contact information and describe what the customers will get by, maybe subscribing to your newsletter or entering other information. If you intend to have your visitors by something, make it easy for them to reach the purchase page or online store by linking to them.

The above 5 mistakes can help improve your website conversion without the need to redesign the whole website.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!