As more people begin using search engines to find local businesses and services, many search engines have begun to focus on localized content. This means that when someone searches for “pizza delivery,” their top results will include the websites of local restaurants. Webmasters can take advantage of the promotion of local results by localizing their content so that they achieve higher search engine rankings, sometimes higher than websites that are better optimized but are not local. Here are some of the best ways to localize a website.

Create Keyword Content Well-Known Local Areas
Creating keyword content for every area that a business serves is nearly impossible, which is why webmasters should focus on major metropolitan areas. Google and other search engines will still display results for the closest businesses and websites to a user, meaning that people do not have to worry about creating content for little towns and small villages. Instead, webmasters and search engine optimization professionals should focus on heavily populated areas, which will provide the largest amount of localized coverage.

Don’t Use Clunky Keywords
While Google and other search engines are giving some of their highest search engine rankings to localized websites, they are still looking for well-written content. Despite the fact that many people search for terms like “used cars New York,” trying to shoehorn those exact phrases into keyword content will only produce what search engines consider low-quality content. The good news is that indexing and ranking algorithms are able to connect keyword phrases, so webmasters can localize content by using the terms “New York” and “used cars” in the same article without having them next to each other.

Get Listed On Local Review Sites
While search engine optimization is mainly based on indexing a website, indexing robots also take cues from links to a website. To ensure that a website is registered in search engines as localized content, webmasters should become listed on local review sites. In addition to increasing a website’s high-quality linkback numbers, these listings will also indicate to search engine robots that a website is associated with a particular geographic location.

Localized Content Is Not Exactly Like SEO
It is also important to note that localized content is not entirely based on keywords. Instead, most indexing systems look for a number of factors that indicate a website provides localized content, so repeating the phrase “New York” multiple times may not be as effective as simply putting an address at the bottom of a web page. This is also why being listed on local review sites is helpful because it provides a better indicator than a keyword that a website is associated with a particular location.