link buildingLinkbuilding Pitfalls can happen to anyone online – especially if are not well versed in what the search engines are looking. Some people discover the latest way of how to “link build” then, without realizing it they can potentially create a catastrophic legacy in Google search results. To avoid this from happening to your business, consider these three pitfalls that small businesses experience in online link building.


1. Don’t try to gain visibility everywhere.

Online visibility is only as valuable as the layout or value you give to a customer. Companies that place links on every single website, forum post and social page is starting a roller coaster experience for customers willing to learn about their business.  Remember quality of quantity.  More is not necessarily better!

Sometimes you do not have to use over optimized anchor text links to get your point across in a conversation, and placing a link in an irrelevant post does not do much in terms of driving natural organic traffic to your site, nor does it help your search results much. Be consistent and most importantly be targeted to your market. Focus on developing your visibility where it matters including on relevant blog posts and social sites.

2. Do not put out spam comments for the sake of building links.

Your website is not perfect for every problem someone has online and commenting no value comments will most likely get deleted from the bloggers admin anyway so don’t waste your time and money on producing those type of links. Small business owners typically do not have the funds to hire a full-time social media or seo expert to help build their company’s reputation online. Instead, the company may hire an inexperienced writer to add their website links to every single web page or company directory available on the internet.

This can be a pitfall for link building failure– especially if you associate yourself with “bad neighborhoods” online.

Consider this – your business focuses on wholesale liquidation connections; why would you place a link on an antique website offering great deals? Not a good idea and does not seem like a natural relationship for link building.

3. Do not spread yourself too thin — instead become an authority in your market

You need to create a niche and stick to it. This is pretty self-explanatory; if you do not have the best talent in web design, do not brag about web design. If you do not understand SEO, do not offer SEO services. Your attempt to build links surrounding these topics that are not related to your industry just for the sake of generating content is going to harm your online reputation and is not a good idea for long term success with your business.

A simple reality check is this – if you are not an authority on your market yet. You can become an industry leader by demonstrating well-planned link building strategies by working with an experienced marketing firm. Quality links to and from your website shows the world you have clout, and/or authority on the topics you discuss.

Why risk losing the confidence of your intended audience by focusing on numbers or being a jack-of-all-trades? Experienced web marketing experts can guide your business in the right direction. Before you let your guard down just start creating links all over the web, let a web company with experience take a look at what you really need and devise a proper strategy suited to your needs.