importance of web links, links to webstiesGetting on top of search engine results depends on your on-page and off-page optimization strategies. On-page optimization refers to work done on your website to help in ranking while off-page optimization refers to works done outside the website. Off-page optimization is more effective and mainly consists of link building.

How To Get Free Links

If you are still thinking of paying for link exchanges, save your money for a more effective link building campaign. You can get free quality links from different sources using various methods. Some of the ways that will get you free quality one-way links include submission of articles to web directories, social bookmarking, press releases, commenting on blogs and forums, and creating profile links. All of these methods require writing or sharing of some form of content.

Quality or Quantity?

It is common knowledge that getting more backlinks will make your site rank high fast. However, search rules have changed in the recent past and quality backlinks are preferred to quantity. All websites are given a page rank (PR) of 0 to 9 by Google, with 9 being the highest rank a page can attain. A backlink originating from a high PR site is more valuable than hundreds coming from low PR websites. You should strive to get as many high PR backlinks to your website as possible.

Still on quality, ensure that the backlink is originating from a “do-follow” website. Links from “no-follow” websites, no matter how high their PR is, will not help you.  However, you should include these types of links in your strategy because it looks natural to the search engines and this will help you overall in a sense.   Also, it is good to mix the links from different PR websites so that your link building efforts appear natural to search engines.

Get Your Links Indexed

The final step to making your website rank high is to make sure the links are indexed by search engines. As long as the backlinks have not been indexed, they are not helping you in your ranking efforts. You can wait for search engine bots crawl the links on by themselves but this can take months, depending on the PR where the link is originating.

You can however speed up the indexing process by making the links to be easily found by search engines. To do this, simply create a RSS feed of the links and submit the feed to high PR social bookmarking sites like ClipMarks, Tumblr, BlogLines or others. This will make search engine notice the links easily and your website will be ranked much faster.  Personally, I have found that it is best to let the search engines find you on their own and if you have optimized your site properly, you can be certain that they will spider your site in no time.

Do you agree or disagree?  Perhaps, I missed something?  Either way, I would just love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic… just let me know your alive!