Professionals and business owners may find it useful to reflect regularly upon both the opportunities and challenges to be faced ahead for online marketing.  There is no doubt that the most impact for Internet marketing is the digital landscape that has provided so many new strategies to utilize.  From social media to mobile marketing, the possibilities are endless. Below are some of the more popular trends that have developed throughout 2012 for web marketing.

New Media

New media is a concept relating to the evolution from traditional marketing outlets such as radio, TV and cable to what has become the new frontier of digital communications. Predominantly centered around the Internet, the main concept behind new digital media is creating compelling web content for public consumption. The new methods have included many new and unique ways for advertising and marketing techniques to penetrate the marketplace.

1. Search engine optimization (SEO). Despite the new interest that social media marketing has generated, what drives visits to web sites is actually search marketing. Because of this, marketers use deeper approaches to SEO along with social media techniques for the best results.

Since, 2011 with Google’s major Panda update, it was demonstrated that there is much opportunity available when it comes to developing unique and shareable content. The focus then became on content quality more than any other strategy. It has been determined that the most relevant content is what inspires interaction. Therefore, the goal is to find ways to connect content with the public through targeted strategies.

2. Social media optimization (SMO) is what provides the framework for taking social media marketing to upper levels. Many businesses have an active presence on most of the major social networks. The next stage in that development is to devise social media strategies to optimize how the content is shared.

This is key to how it will support the customer journey through to the sale. This also necessitates the need to look at how quality content is shared among key influencers. By developing a suitable approach as it relates to influencer outreach, it is easier to participate in monitoring social media.

3. Content marketing and optimization. Web content has been hailed as the new darling of the online marketing world. As it is closely related to SMO, content optimization requires a strong content marketing strategy in order to succeed. There needs to be a deep understanding of what customers prefer, as well as analysis of what is working for competitors. Once that is in place, a development strategy needs to include creating, finding and distributing content that is shareable.

Finally, one of the biggest challenges facing marketers, which is also exciting, is the wealth of content to choose from that is generated online every 60 seconds. The scope of the gauntlet will involve how to cut through it to select what consumers desire.

Then the objective will be to ascertain how the important new developments will make the most impact for marketing. It is through content curation and its aggregation that marketing tools will be used to navigate the social media landscape effectively.